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A Different Plant for Every Room: A Guide

We all know by now just how beneficial it is to have greenery in the home. Countless studies have been carried out that prove everything from wellbeing to cleaner air is gained by having plants in our living spaces. The problem for most people is knowing what plants to put where.

The good news is that there are plenty of options to think about when it comes to having a different plant in every room of your home. From the bedroom to the home office, here’s our quick guide to the plants that are perfect for every room in your home.

Best Plants for the Bedroom

There are lots of reasons why you should have an indoor plant in your bedroom. From reducing stress and boosting productivity to simply bringing some color to your room, plants and bedrooms are a natural fit. There are plenty of plants that work well in the bedroom, but here are two of the best options to consider.

Best Plants for the Bathroom

One of the fastest-growing and most popular bathroom design trends of recent years, more people than ever are placing plants in the bathroom. It can be a tricky decision, simply because it can be a struggle to find a plant that thrives in that damp and humid environment.

Your first step is to check the lighting. Less light and fewer windows mean fewer choices of plants that will love living in your bathroom. There are some great options, though. Whether your bathroom is large, small, designed just for you, or used by the whole family, here are the top choices for plants in the bathroom.

Best Plants for the Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s where you cook meals for yourself and your family, fuelling the bodies and souls of your loved ones. Lives are lived in the kitchen, and it can be the most chaotic room in your home. Plants can be calming, reduce air pollutants, and even boost creativity!

One issue with having plants in the kitchen is that lighting plays such an important role. Check out our choices for the best plants to have in one of the most important rooms in your home, but make sure that you have sufficient lighting for your top pick.

Best Plants for the Dining Room

Perhaps even more so than the kitchen, the dining room is where we share good times. It can be hard to decorate a home, especially decorating smaller homes when you’re on a budget. However, the dining room always has lots of potential. Like all decisions involving plants in the home, a lot will be determined by your lighting.

Best Plants for the Lounge (Living Room)

Most lounges are designed to fit an extremely basic but well-tried formula. The couch and the TV are the cornerstones, and everything from throw rugs and coffee table choices all stem from the couch and the TV. While most people have their accent chairs and framed art for the walls of the lounge, you don’t have to stop there.

Plants are excellent additions to the lounge, but it can be a genuine struggle to narrow down your choices. If you can’t choose, here’s our pick of the top plants for any lounge.

Best Plants for the Home Office

More people are working from home than ever before. While there are lots of pros and cons to working from home, plants in the home office are always a positive touch. If you spend a lot of time working in your office at home, it’s always smart to add some personality to it. Motivational posters, your favorite art for the walls, and filled empty spaces with live greenery are the bare minimum.

Adding plants to any workplace is shown to have benefits, but they’re also an extremely low-cost way to add splashes of life, color, and energy to your office.

Have a Different Plant in Every Room

Having plants in your home is great for your mental and physical health. They’re awesome to look at, and even those that require very little looking after can give you a satisfying sense of accomplishment. From reducing stress levels and improving your mood to helping concentration and productivity, plants are just brilliant.

Take a look at the light you have in every room of your home. Do a little research, and try to get the plants that will match your level of commitment. Having plants in the home is always a good idea, but if they start to go brown and die, you’ll lose all of their positive aspects. Water when they need it, and those plants could become as much a part of your interior design as your color schemes.

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