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How to Decorate Any Room with Fresh Flowers

The presence of fresh flowers in any room adds interest and highlights the natural aspect of the room. In addition, it brings softness and texture to a space filled with hard surfaces. 

Fresh flowers from a local florist near you can transform your interiors and bring your design scheme to life. Without the colorful, flourishing blooms, a room remains bleak and lifeless.

Natural design elements like fresh flowers are one of the best things to have in any part of your home. Aside from their aesthetic contribution, they have benefits such as absorbing toxins from the air and improving long-term mental well-being. 

If you wish to get these benefits and have a blooming home at the same time, here are three ways to decorate any room with flowers.

1.   Pick flowers based on your needs.

Image source: Flor Saurina on Unsplash

The first thing to do is select flowers based on your home’s theme. Yes and no. You first need to consider what your needs are. Do you need flowers that last for a longer time? Do you prefer flowers without pollen? Do you need blooms with a mild scent?

Once you have identified your needs, you can see which flowers will work for you. Next, check if these blooms are in season. Flowers in season are much cheaper and readily available. 

How to pick the right flowers based on your home’s aesthetic:

The shades in the bouquet add a new splash of color to your home without switching your furniture palette or re-painting your walls. For brightly colored walls, go with neutral-colored flowers. For eclectic styles, use complementary colors to tie the design.

Tall floral bouquets complement expansive homes with high ceilings. Shorter arrangements are best with smaller and cozier homes. 

Of course, size also depends on the placement of your fresh flower arrangement. If several elements surround the bouquet, go for a simple and small floral arrangement. A single stalk of a flower is sometimes enough. Meanwhile, plain areas deserve large flowers.

Full and round arrangements create a traditional look. For a modern style, twisted and whimsical floral arrangements are preferred. Treat the bouquet like a sculpture.

2. Treat the bouquet like a sculpture.

Image source: 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash

Floral arrangements are best in spots that allow maximum exposure. There is always an empty corner in your home to display your creations. Use these spots to showcase your chosen floral arrangement.

You could use a pedestal to add height if you have a short floral arrangement. You could also place your bouquet on the TV console. Consoles are usually elongated. You can put fresh flowers to fill the space.

For flowers on the dining table, it’s best to choose lighter blooms. It allows guests to see and talk with each other while enjoying a beautiful setting.

3. Showcase flowers in different vases.

Image source: James Cousins on Unsplash

Vases or vessels play a part in enhancing the beauty of the floral arrangement. Use a variety of low containers that complement each other when placed together. The combination and height variations add sophistication to your tablescape. Don’t be afraid to cut some of the stems short to emphasize the height variation.

However, it’s different when entertaining. For example, if you use a see-through vase made of glass or crystal, you better use pebbles or leaves to conceal the stalks. A well-designed tablescape makes the guests feel special and sets the mood for celebration.

Tips to remember when decorating with flowers

You can order fresh flowers from a local florist. Nothing beats the quality of floral arrangements from a bespoke florist near you. If you need help choosing the types of flowers you want for your home, speak with a local florist near you.

Decorating with fresh blooms is a fun and elegant way to bring nature indoors. If you would love to lift your living space, then flowers with foliage are the best decorations to have. The colors, scents, and texture will bring your interior to another level.


Author Bio:

Marianick Villegas is a writer for BloomLocal. She secretly adores flowers and loves any reason to send flowers.

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