Customize Your Outdoor Areas with Privacy Screens and shutters

Last Updated on March 16, 2022 by Kravelv

When it comes to outdoor spaces, most people love the breath of fresh air and the warmth of the sun. But they also feel that the sometimes there is too much of intrusion on their privacy. In particular, if you have snoopy neighbors then the entire fun of having an outdoor space is ruined. But thanks to the privacy screens and shutters available these days, you can now get the dual benefit of having a decorative outdoor space that doesn’t seem too exposed. There are a number of ways that you can make your garden or patio seating a bit more private. All that you have to do is think out of the box. Here are some cool ideas on the same.

Permanent or temporary bamboo screens

One of the most economical and viable solutions for getting your privacy screens and shutters would be using bamboo. This is highly recommended because unlike other shutters, this is a material that is not only eco-friendly but also works out to be easier on the pocket. There are a plethora of styles that you can get with bamboo, which includes both portable and fixed shutters and screens.

For example, you can think of some innovative designs here like a classic or rustic fitting or fencing. Then there is also the option to get a regular screen with geometrical shapes and spacing in between. These privacy screens and shutters are ideal for all kinds of outdoors purposes because they allow you to get the needed sunlight and air without making the space appear too stuffy.

A portable screen can also be used on one side or more. These are easily available at stores and they fold with ease too. Doing so helps in reducing your effort of getting a permanent fixture. Also, the portable screens are perfect if you want to get privacy on some days while enjoying the open on some days.

Glass screens

Another alternative to these privacy screens and shutters would be using frosted glass, which is perfect for fixed screens. The glass partition or screen can be placed on one side while the other would be open to allow some air. You can strategically place the glass pieces as per your choice too. This helps to get privacy while allowing sunlight and enough warmth during the colder days. Here you can think of a blend of steel with glass because it provides you a blend of sustenance and longevity. It also enhances the look of your outdoor space.

Wood screens

The trick with the wooden privacy screens and shutters is that it can be quite a problem during rainy days. So if you are keeping in under a semi-covered outdoor space, then they work quite well. As less of moisture and humidity touches the wood, the overall durability is not affected. Besides this, you can work on a plethora of designs like slanting or spacing in between like paneling. Doing so helps to again get access to ample sunshine and light and yet give you the privacy you seek.

Curtains/ blinds

Another quick and cost effective way would be to have curtains outside, which are made of either flex or other weather-friendly material. You can opt for cotton or polyester too because they are more a makeshift arrangement to privacy screens and shutters. You can opt for blinds that suit your requirements, especially ones made of weather-proof materials.

So enjoy the feel of sitting outdoors without being worried about privacy issues thanks to this decorative and functional range of screens and shutters.