Everything You Need to Know About Curtains and Curtain Tracks

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Keeping a cozy and beautiful home is one certainty that is getting us through the uncertainty we are living through in the world right now. We have loved seeing the shift in caring for homes move from an indulgence to necessity in the last year. It is not only experts and home design enthusiasts investing time and money in creating the desired homes. We all want even the minimal approaches we take to bring us a step closer to achieving our dream space. Covering the basics like revamping your floors and upgrading your windows is a good start; however, we suggest starting with less overwhelming transformation curtains.

man hanging window curtain

As the soul of your home, you can do more for your windows than the PVC blinds you’ve never really been fond of. Curtains are a sophisticated way to dress your windows and allow them to stand in style. And where there are curtains, you will need curtain tracks to hold them up. Investing in good curtain tracks is just as important as picking your desired curtains. We have prepared a short guide with everything you need to know about curtains and curtain tracks. Let’s delve right in!


  1. Color and pattern

You can add any color curtains to your space because color options are endless. Finding a color that matches your style and preference is easy. Know your preference, and the rest should be straightforward. Direct Fabrics offers the option to customize a color that fits your style if nothing catches your eye. Plus the various patterns and designs allow you to elevate your space with pattern play.

  1. Fabric

How can you decide on a curtain for every room with many fabrics to choose from in the market? Because different fabrics are ideal for different rooms, we suggest doing your research; for instance, polyester curtains would hold up beautifully in the bedroom, but it would be a nightmare to have them in the kitchen.

  1. Length

The big question is how long should your curtains be? Floor-length is always the way to go; that way, your curtains to curtains will not look awkward. Curtains that rest just above the floor have a flush effect. If you want a cooling effect, you can consider a few more inches longer when getting the curtains. Width-wise, you also need to get a few measurements more than your window frame to allow appropriate gathering when the curtains are opened.

Curtain tracks

  1. Color

Curtain tracks are designed to fit different decorative elements, making them a great choice for holding up your curtains. They are available in different colors, making it easy to pick one that blends with your interior décor.

  1. Sizes

The shape and size of your window are deciding factors when choosing your curtain tracks. Curtain tracks are available in different sizes and shapes, making finishing one customized to your window size and shape easy. Thus, finding bent curtain tracks for your bay windows should not be a problem.

  1. Support

Your curtain tracks should be able to support the weight of your curtains. The good thing is there are options of metal curtain tracks which can hold up heavy curtains without breaking off the wall. When shopping, specify the maximum weight you want the tracks to hold up to help filter your search.

  1. Installation

Installation of curtain tracks is done inside the window recess. These are a perfect choice, especially if you want to block out the light as they are closely fitted to the wall. Once you hang your block-out curtains, expect that no light will be peeking at the corner of your windows.

Curtains are an investment for your home; thus, taking your time to sort through the noise and find what works for you is crucial. The insightful guide should shed light on every homeowner’s basics before getting curtains and curtain tracks. Knowing what you know now, you can transform your home with beautiful curtains.

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