Condensation Causations: How to Keep Your House Windows from Icing Up

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by Kravelv

You are probably tired of scraping the ice from the windows of your car, but the last straw is when the windows in your home start icing up. This occurs when the humidity within your home dampens the windows. The temperature drops, which happens from time to time, and the interior surface of your windows can freeze. The following are four solutions that may help prevent this issue.

Towel Trick

One reason why the cold is felt is because the cold air slithers into your home. This could happen due to cracks around your home, but it is likely caused by a draft near the bottom of your window. Placing a towel there should stop this draft and reduce the chances of your windows freezing up.

Dry AC

The AC is usually used in the cooling mode, and the dry mode is sometimes overlooked because the compressor is not on continuously. It does come on from time to time but only to remove excess humidity from the house. In dry mode, the fan runs constantly, but it runs at a very slow speed. This mode should help remove the excess moisture that could be causing your windows to ice up.

Check Weather Stripping

Weather-stripping your windows can help keep cooled air inside in the summer, but it can also keep cold air out during the winter. There is no doubt that sealing all possible cracks with foam material and other types of material can prove invaluable to homeowners. This is the reason why you need to install weather-stripping or see if you need to replace the weather-stripping on your windows. Start with the windows that are freezing up and then check the rest.

Old and New Windows

Of course, old windows may be too worn down to be of good use to you. The material might have cracks or may have warped through years of temperature changes. Defects like this will make some of the previous tips moot, meaning that the only thing you can do is replace your windows with new ones, such as those from the Fischer Window and Door Store. This should spruce up your home anyway, and it should stop this problem from reoccurring.

Yes, being a homeowner during extreme temperatures may spell trouble for you, but you are not powerless. With help from the tips above, you’ll be warmer in no time!

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