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The Most Common Winter Plumbing Problems

If you think that drain pipe repair issues tend to get worse during storms or the rainy season; think again. Perhaps winter is the worst kind of period for these pipes as the damage caused during this season is the worst. And it is so true that less people prefer tackling plumbing issues now because they want to avoid going out in the cold or deal with too much of water. Here are some of the worst kinds of problems that winter and snow bring along with them.


If you are living in an area where it snows a lot or is prone to frost, then you are probably aware of the drain pipe repair woes caused due to frost. There is no doubt that when it comes to cold pipes the risk of freezing are the highest.

In many cases the outside pipes get frozen faster along with the indoor ones being affected too. Considering that water and other liquids are going through these pipes, the cold-wave just catches on. Before you are aware of it, the entire house is affected with frozen pipes that eventually lead to blockage, breaking or tearing of pipes and other related issues.

Water in line break

Another common problem faced during extreme winters is water in the line break. This means that the standing water in the pipe freezes very quickly calling for immediate drain pipe repair because even though you are able to use more of hot water and fix the immediate plumbing line, something that is outside or not reachable by a layman requires special attention.

Breakdown of water heater

Frost and snow are not the only two things that wreck havoc on your plumbing but also leads to problems with regular electricity lines and even your water heating. Since your water heater has to function very hard as the temperatures dip below zero degrees, they end up overworking their regular capacity. In case the water repair wasn’t serviced properly it will break down, diminishing your chances of hot water for a certain time period. Cold water freezes faster and this leads to frequent drain pipe repair issues.

Not opting for winter-friendly plumbing material

A lot of people avoid spending too much on plumbing, especially when it comes to pipes or drain pipes. Even though they are living in very cold areas, there is an assumption that they can manage any damage or repair themselves. Since it is a home repair and not carried out with the help of a professional, there are chances of buying the wrong material to fix your drain pipe problems. If the material is non-winter friendly, there is a higher risk of freezing and frosting. Also, the use of poor or shoddy materials leads to the plumbing line breaking down with ease, which in turn calls for emergency drain pipe repair.

What you can do?

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