How to choose a good router table for woodworking

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The router is a specialized equipment in the process of making the wood surface smooth in the carpentry workshop, craft workshop, in sculpted wood workshops. It becomes  a traditional handheld instrument which is familiar with each of us. Today’s article will show you the tricks how to choose router table for your woodworking

With the strong growth and rapid technological development, the familiar objects around us have positive changes. It is clear that the instruments tend to be improved for the  ease of use, as well as aim at the more convenience. We can easily see the changes in the motor line, the line of drilling machines, grinders, planers, …

The PP-5B Keyang  portable router

The router machines in the past and in the present have many differences. Once in the factory or in the woodshop, we only encounter most types of manual carpentry tools. All work related to making surface smooth is used manually by the majority of the carpenter.

For now, the technology developed, people just use the old line for the purpose of processing the small furniture. The line which is mainly used by electricity and  battery is to support for making the large objects. Some advantages of portable electric lines in compared to the manual models as follows:

The electric router can easily uses, quickly  run, as well as have the capacity to work faster  which saves time and effort for the users. The manual routers must use their hands to use, which requires a lot of effort and power and the efficiency is not high.

The line of electric routers us  very convenient to use because it can contain a large of battery power, can be easily portable to work at anywhere, as well as bring the high flexibility.


There are risks when using the product. Being an electric-powered equipment so the router can cause a lot of risks which is unsafe for the users such as  electricity shock. Only manipulate the massive object, while small objects or sharp corners can not be used but should use the small engine models.

How to overcome the drawbacks of electric router line

Using simultaneously the two types of routers including electric router and manual machine. Do not work when you find any signs of abnormality of the machine as well as do not operate your device in areas with a lot of  moisture, which can be easy make the electrical conductivity

Using portable wood router machine efficiently and scientifically

Regarding the evolution of this model with the level of development of science and technology, we’ll go find out how to use wood shavings scientifically and more efficiently.

On the market there are a lot of cell models, but today, we would like to introduce to you two main lines including  MRO exclusive distributor, which is a product line  of PP-5B Keyang and Keyang PP-3A- the modern router line that was used by many people in Korean.

Let’s learn some accidents may occur when using router.

Splash – Dust and wood pieces cell firing seem to be dangerous.

Poison – Poison from the painting oil on wood, the chemicals in the wood industry

Explosion – When sparks resonate with explosive shavings. When working in an environment with inflammable substances like petrol, …


It  come from the wire, or working in a moist environment. On the market today there are many types of router including electric machines, one running by battery, or running with  petroleum raw materials, or even the manual types. No matter what type of property, or the kind of job, you should note the following safety actions when using the router

Always wear glasses to protect eyes from dust and small thorn. Do not use your hands to touch the danger of the machine such as the machine bottom while operating to avoid injury.

Only people who has been trained these method of work safety and was provided with well labor equipment can use this device.The employee should not use gloves when working. They should be provided with  the additional equipment (pushing) to avoid sliding into the machine arm.

Let the machine be tested  before working. Check the operation of safe equipment when operating the machine. Disconnect power outage or when the job ended. Regularly cleaning machinery which is aim at avoiding burning due to short-shavings, wood chips.

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