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Can Home Glazing Help With Noise Reduction?

Our homes are important to us, so making sure they provide you with maximum safety and comfort is essential. There are a few things that can be overlooked when we’re buying a property, and glazing is an example of this. Choosing the right glazing for your home is key, and one of the most popular is double-glazing. It comes with a range of benefits, including insulation, noise reduction, and security. If you do fall victim to vandalism or something goes wrong, there are emergency glaziers in London that can help you out.

Three Types of Glazing

Double Glazing Benefits

So, can double glazing help with noise reduction? In short, yes!

If you live in a noisy, built-up area, investing in double glazing means that you block out any unwanted sounds from outside at any time of the day. There is nothing worse than anti-social noise waking you up or disrupting your peace. Double-glazing allows for a high level of soundproofing.

When choosing which glazing is best for you, it is best to know the benefits of each. As previously mentioned, double glazing consists of two panes of glass with either a vacuum or a gas present between each – the main purpose of this is to guarantee insulation. The gas in between the two panes acts as a barrier between the elements and often cold weather outside, and the warm, cosy environment inside the home.

Another benefit that comes with double glazing is that it helps with energy efficiency. With energy bills rising in all our homes, it is important that we save where we can. Good, double-glazed windows allow you to heat your home more efficiently, as heat won’t be escaping through your windows. Because your windows are helping to keep the heat in, you will have to use less energy overall to warm your home in the colder months.

Triple Glazing Benefits

Triple glazing and soundproofing? Still great! And a little better than double glazing, but it comes with some cons…

There is some controversy surrounding triple glazing, and whether it would be worth investing in it for your home if you live in the UK, or a country with similar climates. It does come with its advantages, like creating a higher margin of safety for your home – with three panels of glass, you can guarantee that your window will be almost impenetrable, as well as providing a higher level of soundproofing than even double glazing can provide.

With three panes of glass, your glazing is likely to better insulate your home than you can with only two. However, this is where the arguments begin! Triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing, and although it does provide marginally better-quality benefits, a lot of experts are not convinced that it is worth the money. Triple glazing is popular in cold countries, where you would really feel the benefit of an extra layer of glass and insulation, but it may be a little too much to pay for homes in this country and may not make much of a difference!

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