8 Benefits Of Using A Portable Backup Generator

portable backup generator

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With advancements in technology, our lives have become dependent on electrical devices, and it is hard to think of a period without electricity. Electricity has lit up our lives massively, and sudden blackouts can hamper our daily schedule considerably. Without electricity we cannot see in the evening, our rooms cannot be kept warm or cold according to the temperature outside. Electronic appliances would run out of charge, and the refrigerated food would get spoiled. Our comfort would experience a massive compromise.

That is why we need a good portable generator for home backup to deal with such emergency situations. It should also be a must in places where storms, hurricanes, or torrential rainfall is common, causing frequent power cuts. An alternate power source can help the people to carry on their everyday lives and stay safe.

Causes of power failure

Based on the Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports, almost 50% of the power outages are caused due to bad weather conditions, i.e., rain, storm, lightning, etc. The next major cause of power failure is the failure of the equipment, accounting for almost 30% of the cases.

Irrespective of the cause of power failure, it is wise to be ready with a good portable generator for home backup to deal with such emergency situations effectively and hassle-free.

Backup generators

Backup power generators are used as an alternate source of power for the home when there is a power failure. Mainly, there are two types of generators based on the user’s power demands- portable generators and standby generators.

  • Standby generators are backup generators that automatically power the house following a power outage. They are usually connected with the natural gas or propane lines of the house, and they run on fuel for as long as required. One can power his home or portions of it based on their needs.
  • On the other hand, portable generators are backup generators that are portable and much smaller in sizes. They are also run by propane or gasoline and need to be refueled. They cannot provide power automatically and need to be plugged into the electric panel or the device to function. It is safe to keep them about 10 feet away from home to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Portable generators cost much less than standby generators and can be carried while going out for a vacation. Thus they are much more economical.

Benefits of Portable Generators

Portable backup generators are a quite handy thing to have at homes and possess a wide range of benefits:

●    Performance:

The backup generator can perform well, even in adverse situations and bad weather conditions. Thus the house would not remain without power for long intervals of time.

●    Silent:

The backup generators do not make a lot of noise and perform silently. Thus it would not disturb the sleep of the house members at night.

●    User-friendly:

They are straightforward to use and do not require the supervision of professionals to be installed.

●    Efficiency:

They are energy-efficient as certified by the EPA and come with a good warranty.

●    Safety:

Backup power generators keep the home safe from further damages. During winter, they prevent the pipes from getting frozen, and maintain the water heater’s power and prevent the pipes from bursting. They also keep the refrigerated food safe from getting spoiled.

●    Security:

Backup generators keep the power running inside the house despite a storm rise outside. Thus they give a sense of security to the house members and offer them mental stability.

●    Cheap:

They are very economical and prevent expensive cleanup and repair expenses due to the overflow of sump pumps.

●    Water flow:

They help maintain water flow from the private wells and prevent water scarcity due to extended power outages.


It is time not to allow power cuts to prevent the work progress or comfort at the house. The backup power generators should be considered alternative power sources to help fight against such adverse situations and meet the family’s demands. Even during natural disasters, having a backup power generator should keep the power on in the house and deal with the absolute necessities. They also help in keeping the home secure.

A portable backup generator is worth investing in and can also be carried to other places if required while on vacation. Thus they are convenient and help to prepared for the unexpected. However, most good portable generators for home backup possess a certain threshold of energy it can provide, which is not always enough for the whole house. In that case, multiple portable backup generators are suggested to reduce the load on the generators.

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