What To Expect From Your New Patio Door

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The patio door might not be the main entrance to your home, but it still serves as an important secondary entrance. It is, after all, the gateway to – yes – you guessed it, your patio. Getting a new patio door is a great opportunity for homeowners to play up a new design feature, gain new function, or give their energy savings a boost.


Your back door can be used to extend indoor living spaces out onto your yard. Depending on your choice of door, you can enjoy panoramic views of your yard, deck or patio. Contemporary home designs generally use patio doors to integrate or blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces. That’s why door options with glass panels, which provide a greater sense of space and allow more natural light into a room, are widely popular these days.

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  • French Doors

The classic French door is an elegant and stately way to meld your outdoor and indoor spaces. It is a hinged, swinging door that takes up considerable floor space, so you will need to adjust your furniture to accommodate it.
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  • Sliding Doors

Sliding glass door are made up of two framed glass panels that slide past each other. This is possibly the most popular choice of patio door for many architectural home styles. This type of door, however, lends itself best to the contemporary aesthetic.

  • Folding Doors

Folding patio doors should be your top choice if you want to make the most of a stunning view, with no obstructions to the scenery. The key advantage of this type of door is its wide opening, which spans from corner to corner. Those who have space for pockets in the wall can even slide them completely into those pockets.
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  • Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are similar to hinged doors in that they also swing inwards and outwards, with the only difference being the fact that they are supported on pivots.

Energy Savings

There is no denying that doors have less impact than windows when it comes to energy conservation, simply because there are only a few of them in most homes. Patio doors, however, can be designed to be just as energy-efficient as windows, given the technological advances available to homeowners these days.
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Low-E Coatings

A standard glass panel usually lets most of the sunlight pass through. At night, however, it is also capable of sending whatever heat it absorbed during the day back outside, which is called radiative heat loss. With low-E glass, the coating applied to the window panel can help keep your indoor temperatures comfortably warm for the home’s occupants to enjoy, and help curb energy costs, too.

Now that you know all these things, you can begin to appreciate your new patio door even more.


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