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A few things that could make your choice of a vessel sink faucet easy

White porcelain sinks and chrome faucets used to be the predictable features in almost all the bathrooms. But things have changed today because of the availability of different options, such as vessel sinks. A vessel sink can immediately upgrade the look of a bathroom, making it elegant and stylish as it creates a perfect balance of advanced functions and ancient charm. The design of this style of the basin is not a new phenomenon, though. It replicates what humans were using even many centuries ago when the plumbing systems were still in their nascent stage or undeveloped. In those days, people would keep a bowl and pitcher on a table to wash their hands.

Hence, you can say the new vessel sinks are the modern versions of the earlier designs with more varieties in shapes, colors, materials, etc. However, these sinks can have varying dimensions and height, due to which buying appropriate vessel sink faucets become essential. Only a vessel sink with vessel faucet can complete the whole design process. If you have noticed, vessel sinks typically rest on the counter. It means you have to get a tap other than the standard ones. You can visit any branded stores online to have a look at some of the best vessel sink faucets and their designs.

Types of bathroom vessel faucets

When you check stores, you will most likely come across two prominent installation options – deck mounted and wall-mounted. These can share some similarities, but they can perform differently. That’s why you have to be sure about what you pick.

Wall mounting option is usually two-handle widespread design or spout equipped with an isolated single handle. It doesn’t occupy counter space, which can be an attractive feature for some people. But the main challenge is its complicated installation process. It may not be the best option, mainly when you are doing remodeling. With this, you also have to be careful about its positioning. The faucet has to sit in a place to enable water to flow into the bottom of the sink. Else, you will have to deal with splashing issues.

Most people choose deck-mounted faucets due to their tallness. The single handle deck mounted taps come with a high neck to make sure both bowl and user get sufficient room. Their installation is also not a headache. You get everything to get it quickly fixed in your bathroom.

Points to consider when buying vessel faucets

If you don’t want to get wet while washing your hand, then go with a design that has height and long spout. When installed, it should have a decent gap between the sink and itself so that no one faces any trouble while cleaning their hands. The tap should rise above the rim of the vessel by a few notches. But again, it cannot be so high that it becomes a reason for splashing. Also, you have to see the gap between the spout and the bowl and where the water stream reaches. The water should not fall on the wall so high that it ends up being messy. The length of the spout, its position, and the direction of the water flow along with the design of the sink deserve full consideration to make sure that the sink bottom receives the water. It becomes more critical in the case of the shallow drain.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to your taste when choosing a vessel faucet. If you like to keep up with the latest trends, then you would need a design that is easy to replace. Considering both these factors, it makes sense to go with deck mounting. These faucets tend to be taller, and they are simple to remove compared to wall-mounted options.

Benefits of using deck mounted vessel faucets

As you may have got an idea by now, deck-mounted taps remain to be the top pick among homeowners, making it the common sight in most of the bathrooms. And why not? Anything that gives so much flexibility with space can become anyone’s favorite. You can install it anywhere around your sink – in the center or to left or right, based on how deep your bowl is. The height of the spout does matter as much as the sink’s height. The spout should at least be above the rim of the vessel sink to allow convenient usage. In the best-case scenario, there can be a distance of a few inches between the two.

If you place it thoughtfully, you will surely reap its benefits. As it is, it doesn’t require any extra plumbing efforts, unlike wall mounting. Owing to this, you don’t have to worry about internal leakage. In this option, you get varieties also such as chrome, brushed gold, stainless steel, gunmetal, and matte black, etc. You can pick anything that looks cohesive with your chosen interior theme or stands out while maintaining a perfect balance.

So, these are some of the main reasons why counter mount or deck mount faucets have been the prevailing trends in homes. Its comfortable design and quick installation can tempt anyone to try it as an option. You cannot trust wall-mounted ones, primarily because of the amount of plumbing hassle it involves. A wall-mount can be feasible only if you are building a home. In that case, you can hire a plumbing expert to ensure the nitty-gritty. But deck-mount can become a part of a new or remodeling project effortlessly as it doesn’t require any particular arrangement.

If you want to make your bathroom look updated and stylish, you don’t need to go beyond the choice of counter-top vessel faucet models. You can trust them to meet your expectations in terms of functionality and appearance. So, what have you thought? Are you ready to welcome the old-world charm in a modern avatar? Make sure you buy this model from a well-known seller or branded store only. It is necessary for the safety and security of your investment. A reliable company can give you a product warranty and guarantee.

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