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Attic Sessions: Switch your Unused Attic Into a Lively Space

If the space located above your ceiling is empty, there is a great chance that you can convert your blank attic into a playroom, man cave, entertainment area or a craft room. Don’t let that space have cobwebs and dust, use it instead for other things like fun and recreation.

The advantage of using this empty area is to minimize the cost, instead of building a new room. When you have an empty attic, why not try the following tips below to transform your unused space into a pleasing and useful place.

Chic Planning

The first move you have to do is to figure out what exactly is the final look of your attic. Think of the layout, where the light switches and outlets will go, the size of your vanity, etc. You must clear all the junks and debris before doing the renovation.

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You need to know the locations and sizes of everything you want to incorporate before starting so you can prepare your goals accordingly. If you want a bedroom in the attic, you would be fighting for every little inch of the space available, so think of clever ideas so you can save space and convert the room from fair to incredible.

Utilize Every Edge

You can push or fold two beds to the knee of the wall one side to make the room open. Also, you can frame out the openings and build large drawers below the beds to make use of full storage space.

If there is a chimney in the center of your room or a vent stack, you can combine the bathroom into the chimney. Now for vent stack, try to build a small bookshelf inside to serve as a mini reading nook for the kids together with their comfy chair.

Insulation of Walls and Ceiling

Installing proper ventilation is another factor in achieving your attic transformation while decreasing your energy expenses. Have a professional insulation furnisher that’s able to assist you in both matters.

Experienced installers have the knowledge how to evaluate your current home insulation, choose the right value, and the best variety of insulation to apply. Also, they know how to properly remove mold, recognize rotting framework, access hard-to-reach areas and more.

If you want to go for green building, use materials such as cellulose or cotton. Although they don’t insulate as fine as the spray foams, they have good effects on the environment.

Smart Plumbing

It is a great choice for you if you will incorporate a bathroom into your attic. If there are pipes already present in your attic, attaching a bathroom will be easy. But if plumbing never exists, think of cost-effective options that impact less on the space such as up-flush pipes.

This kind of plumbing fits in tight and small spaces that usually happen in attics. Up-flush pipes can be more affordable, easy method to plumb a toilet, shower or a sink stall in the attic area.

Furniture that Fits

The shape and size of an attic are also critical this kind of work. Other people may have large attics and also may have choices about the types of furniture the will be using. However, many people have attics with small space, odd-shaped range, and low ceilings.

These people may want to choose most likely the furniture that matches well with the space available. For example, if an attic has a nook, it can be a wise decision to buy a little chair or seat that will suit in the area.

Think of the Beds

If the attic becomes a guest bedroom, always consider the purpose of the attic furniture that will serve in the area. Mattress or bed purchasing is necessary if you want to convert your attic into a bedroom.

But in small attic spaces, it is probably not suitable to use large beds or a bed raised high from the floor. It is appropriate for you to choose futons or low beds in an attic since they conserve space and lying low on the floor.

Also, provide a small nightstand, comfortable lighting, and a small dresser if there is space available to bring life to your room.


Turning an empty attic into living space can be an excellent way to maximize your space without relocating.

Additionally, when you are finally ready to move a living space, this attic transformation will probably be paying itself by increasing the price of your home. You can try to visit some internet sites like Deal Wiki for sweet deals of other home improvement products.


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