Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters

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An important detail in the interior design, to which more attention is recently paid, is a high-quality and attractively designed window and door shutters. The choice of window and door treatments is seriously taken because they are not only protection against sunlight. They are also decoration in the interior and reflect the personal attitudes of the house owner, affect the character of the space and the general impression of the inhabitants and guests.

Plantation shutters, with their traditional design, enrich the overall appearance of the home. They are a type of window treatment consisting of aluminum, plastic, wood or faux wood slates mounted in a solid frame. Plantation shutters work primarily because of their permanent installation on the wall and great slat size. Running the slates and adjusting their inclination can be mechanically manipulated by a rod or automated electro-motor (on a switch or remote control). Making them in any color and shape is possible. Due to the wall fixture, they are mostly painted white, as white keeps the home cooler by reflecting heat.


By installing a plantation shutter, you will get additional protection, but also decoration on your windows and doors. The blinds protect the area from overheating due to the reflection of the sun’s rays, creating optimal light and heat comfort, and thus reducing the total energy consumption in your home.

The advantages of plantation shutters:

  • High quality and durable, weather-resistant product.
  • Does not change shape and is very stable.
  • Provides security against burglary and theft.
  • Very smooth surface for easy maintenance.
  • Easily dispensed light.
  • Resistant to aggressive urban and industrial atmospheres.
  • Extensive color palette resistant to light and UV radiation.

Plantation shutters are the only window treatments that can be bankrolled into the value of your home as they offer more return on investment regarding resale worth.

They can be adjusted to fit any window size. Even if you have odd shaped windows, you can still have them designed to suit them. As carpentry that is equally exposed to all weather conditions and which protects your home from sun, rain, ice, snow, and wind must be installed flawlessly.


  • Plantation shutters compared to other window treatments can be costly because they are usually custom built and high-quality. If you set up a smaller budget that may be something to consider.
  • These shutters require regular TLS maintenance. To keep their best look, you will need to clean them frequently and tighten the slates occasionally.
  • If you wish to have a more picturesque view throughout the day and only intend to use your window treatments in the evenings, plantation shutters may not be the right choice for you. The shutters remain in place, and the only thing you can open and close are the slates. On the other hand, if you favor having more light, you can opt for nowadays quite popular slates that are set farther apart, such as 2.5 inches.

The look of plantation shutters is genuinely conventional and beautiful. However, the selection of the right window treatments for your home is a very personal choice. If needed, you can always consult with professional installers of plantation shutters in Sydney to help you make the right choice for your home.


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