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A Handy Guide to Furniture Restoration Projects

Have you got disused, decaying furniture left lying around your home, doing nothing only taking up valuable space? Don’t just leave it there to rot; give it a new lease of life by getting your DIY cap on and restoring it to a personalised piece that’s good as new.

This infographic by Irish timber merchant Crowe Sawmills ( suggests a wonderful variety of furniture restoration ideas that are well worth considering. If you have an old, grubby chair abandoned in the corner of your utility room, spruce it up by administering a fresh, vivid painting job, or add new cushions and fabric to provide it with some welcome comfort. This won’t cost much and is also quite straightforward to do. Another good tip is to turn a chunky, superfluous bed into a streamlined, elegant settee. This might take a bit of work, but by customising it just the way you want it, you can create a fresh new piece of furniture for yourself rather than going to the expense of ordering a generic, store-bought sofa.

Furniture restoration can be quite fun and is brilliant for letting your creative spark run wild, but it also requires careful thought and considerable planning. It’s important to identify how much work will be needed in the restoration, whether you can carry out this work yourself, whether you have the free time to do the work and, most of all, if it is feasible. The helpful folks at Crowe Sawmills have included some practical tips to take on board if you are undertaking furniture restoration. If it’s something you want to explore more, take a look at the neat infographic below.

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