A deep look into quick-step majestic floors

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

Quick-Step flooring collection is now a very popular series, including more than ten different series of products, including Quick-Step Majestic, Quick-Step Classic and Quick-Step Impressive and so on. The Quick-Step Majestic collection is widely accepted for its excellent features, exotic tones, and oversized floors.

The Quick-Step Majestic floor is arguably the widest, longest and most gorgeous floor in the Quick-Step series. Quick-Step flooring is the world leader in quality laminate flooring, and quality and craftsmanship are products that are worthy of all users. Therefore, the stability, high quality and high durability of these floors are recognized and trusted by consumers. The extra-large size of the Quick-Step Majestic flooring and its striking similarity to the hard-solid wood flooring and its unique features make this collection the first choice for an elegant interior.

This article focuses on the Quick-Step Majestic flooring, giving users an in-depth look at how the Quick-Step Majestic flooring matches features and names.

Deep interpretation of the Quick-Step Majestic floor

The Quick-Step Majestic series of floors have different widths and lengths of flooring as well as some oversized floors. This collection of gorgeous floors contains a variety of shades and patterns, using natural oak finishes.

The surfaces of these planks are carefully crafted to create particles, knots, textures, and patterns in natural oak flooring to achieve a similar appearance to hardwood flooring. This collection of floors is full of exotic tones and covers a wide range of sublime greys, earthy browns, elegant beige, and natural oak tones, and a wide selection of colors to give buyers ample choice. To further mimic the appearance of real hard wood flooring, the 9.5 mm thick planks feature true bevels and grooves, giving users a deeper understanding of the simulation characteristics of this series of flooring.

To make these floors sturdy and durable, and to maintain their majestic look and appeal, there are several unique features.

First, the surface is coated with a layer of lamine resin to protect your delicate floor from micro-wear, abrasion, and stains. Moreover, the coating also protects beautiful patterns and designs from fading over time. Therefore, with Majestic laminate flooring, the interior floor of the house can remain beautiful for many years and the degree of surface wear will not increase without showing any quality degradation. So, the Quick-Step Majestic floor is ideal for families with heavy traffic or families with pets or kids.

Secondly, the Hydroseal technology used in Quick-Step Majestic flooring further protects the surface from moisture, making these gorgeous floors almost 100% waterproof. Install these dazzling floors in the kitchen, bathroom and other wet areas with no confidence in the moisture deformation of the floor.

Furthermore, due to the Uniclic installation method pioneered by Quick-Step, the installation of these laminate floorings is simple, fast and completely non-polluting. The planks can be clicked and connected together to quickly provide you with a highly stable and even floor. The simple installation method is also why many users choose the Quick-Step Majestic floor.

In addition, keeping these gorgeous floors is a breeze. Vacuum the floor every day and clean it once a week to prevent dust and allergens. The way to clean is also very simple.

In addition, the touch of the floor is also easy to be accepted by consumers. The floor is soft and comfortable at the foot, making it ideal for rooms with underfloor heating.

Quick features of quick-step majestic floor

  • Oversized wood panels, luxurious and gorgeous look
  • The exterior is very similar to a solid hardwood floor
  • Single strip thickness is 9.5 mm
  • The real bevel has grooves on all four sides
  • Hydroseal technology guarantees waterproof flooring
  • Surface layer with a protective coating, scratch-resistant floor
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Ideal for installation in commercial and residential spaces
  • Quick installation via Uniclic, easy to install
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Soft and comfortable touch under the feet
  • Domestic installation 25-year warranty

In Conclusion

We highly recommend these elegant, easy-to-maintain floors. If you’re looking for premium laminate flooring that can last for decades without sacrificing quality, the Quick-Step Majestic flooring could be your best choice. These floors are of sufficient size and even oversized to make any area look spacious and luxurious. Therefore, these floors are ideal for residential and commercial spaces and have the highest performance and durability standards. The Quick-Step Majestic floor is a good investment for long-term use and can increase the value of your home.

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