7 Tried and Tested Tips to Maintain Your Barbecue Grill Properly

Last Updated on March 30, 2022 by Kravelv

If you are a die-hard foodie who likes to always cook yummy meals at home, then it is very likely that you own a barbecue grill. If so, ask yourself whether you maintain it properly? Unfortunately, many people don’t. And this neglect in properly caring for the bbq grill can result in the equipment performing well below satisfactory levels. So, if you wish to know what you can do to keep your grill in top working condition, then the below tips should help you with it.

On Every Use

After using your grill, make sure that you pick up a good enough brush and thoroughly wipe the cooking grates. This will help to completely remove any meat residue. Without such a thorough brushing, the residue will be left on the grill, and can later become infected. It is also a good habit to preheat the grill before you start cooking on it since this can kill off any germs on the surface. And when you have finished your grilling, make sure to max out the heat to burn off all remaining grease on them.

When Setting Up The Grill

You also have to give special attention to the grill when setting it up for use. If in case you have a charcoal grill, then it is recommended that you burn the charcoal for about 45 minutes before you start using the grill. For a barbecue pit, you are free to choose charcoal or wood. However, try to use charcoal if it is available.  And if you own a gas grill, switch it on at least an hour before you grill on them. Plus, remember to use a nonstick spray before you place the meat on the grill.

During Spring

In spring, grills require extra care. If you use a charcoal grill, it is recommended that you use a wire brush and thoroughly scrub the interiors of the grill. For the exterior, you can use a glass cleaner.  In case of a barbecue pit, it may be a good idea to paint the outside with a heat resistant paint. This will ensure that the heat remains within as much as possible. And for those who own a gas grill, make sure to check the cooking grid and burners for signs of rust. If you find any, then scrape it off. But if the rust formation is significant, then you may have to replace the components to ensure that the grill functions safely.

Annual Care

When it comes to annual care, it is highly recommended that keep the cooking grates soaked in soapy hot water for a few hours. You should also clean the drip pan, and replace it if necessary. Check the burners and see if the flames are uneven. If you do see that the flames are not even, then it points to a problem on the burner. So, take off the affected burners, remove any debris inside of it, and put it back on the grill. Plus, it is also a good idea to give the exterior of the grill a thorough wash.

Hose Inspection

If you use a gas grill, then be sure to double check the hose every time before you start using it. Ensure that it is tightly set and that there are no leaks before you switch on the gas. You can use soapy water on the hose to detect the leaks. If you see bubbles forming in any part of the hose, it is definitely a sign that there is gas leakage. And in such a situation, you should immediately switch off your grill and call in a professional repair service to tackle the leak in the hose.

Proper Lubrication

When used constantly for a long period of time, the hinges of the grill might start to tighten up. And this is obviously not a good thing. So, remember to check the hinges from time to time and lubricate them. This will ensure that the moving parts of the grill keep functioning as smoothly as possible.

Inspect The Igniter

If you use a gas grill, then you will likely be firing it up using an igniter. If you do not hear any clicking sounds from it, then it points to a depleted battery. So, replace them, and the igniter should start functioning like normal. It is also natural for the igniter to have dust and rust buildup at its tips. This can eventually prevent the igniter from functioning properly, even making it useless. So, check for such dust or rust, and clean out the tips of the igniter.

And if your grill is not performing as expected, then it is definitely a sign that it is in need of a bbq grill repair service. So, contact a nearby professional immediately, and they will ensure that your grill is back to working in perfect condition as soon as possible.