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7 Effective Ways To Organise Your Bedroom

Bedrooms are naturally mess, so what can you do? Between clothes, accessories, personal items and anything else that makes it way inside, bedroom’s often have an issue with containment. Fortunately, a little forward thinking can go a long way, so here are 7 effective ways to organise your bedroom.

Under The Bed

Perhaps the most overlooked space in the entire room, there is always potential under the bed. Depending on your bed, you might already have drawers but, even if you don’t, it’s still easy to add storage here. A simple box, compartment or tray, offers extra space you otherwise weren’t using. This is great for storing work documents, jewellery or even more mundane items. Not enough room in the wardrobe or drawers for socks? Slide them under the bed!


Even if you don’t work at home, the office inevitably creeps into the bedroom. Not everyone has a dedicated room, so all of those bills, files and reports have to end up somewhere. An easy way to de-clutter would be to relocate, but that’s seldom the case, so a good filing system can go a long way. Of course, a cabinet is a bit excessive for the bedroom, but a filing tray makes for a small alternative. 

Making The Most Of Your Wardrobe

For some people, clothes are everything, yet a modern wardrobe only seems to hold so much. Typically, the space above and below the rail are being wasted. Here, you can try adding additional storage bins or boxes. These can store items that don’t need to be hung, such as socks, t-shirts and underwear. If you have a lot of clothing, this can cut down on the need for other drawers, freeing up space.

A Laundry Routine

Depending on your home, your bedroom might be the main collecting point of clothes waiting to be washed. If this is the case, a large hamper basket makes all the difference. Not only does this put everything in one spot that’s easy to carry, it also hides the clothes from view. Even if your room isn’t the main collection point, a large bin or tub is still ideal – having a dedicated container or space for dirty clothes means you don’t have to go far to put them somewhere after getting changed.

Seasonal Styles

If you’re a fashion-conscious dresser, you likely have different collections for both winter and summer. At the very least, we all have clothes we only wear when the weather is right but they all compete for the same vital space in the bedroom. Here, invest in some durable garment covers. These will keep your clothes clean but you can put them somewhere safe for storage. Don’t leave them in the wardrobe untouched for 6 months when there’s space under the bed or above the wardrobe. You can rotate styles in and out as you roll through the calendar.

The Bed-Side Table

How many things do you need by your bed? For most people, this list includes a mobile phone, pen and paper, alarm clock, glass of water… it can be a long list for one table. Better then, to simply make it a big table, or something with a sense of order. If you invest in something with drawers, you can put less important items away. Yet, on the other hand, even a simple pen holder or tub can keep stationary tidy.

Making Use of Bare Walls

If you have some spare wall space, why not try a peg rail? These offer somewhere to hang hats, keys and other items that would otherwise take-up space. If you don’t have additional cupboards or storage above your bed, why not try somewhere near this space? Similarly, extra rails can be used for any unusual spaces you have in your room – if you have nice clothes, why not show them off!

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep a bedroom free of clutter. Whether its investing in more storage, making creative use of blank spaces or simply ensuring an effective routine, it takes a little effort to make your room appear that much more tidy and spacious!


Author Bio:

Jessi Lampard has a passion for lending her voice towards multiple issues involving the cleaning industry. When she’s not working with London Carpet Cleaner, she enjoys her hobby as a writer.


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