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6 Reasons why your Roof is Leaking

It’s coming to the time of the year where the rain is hammering down, it’s getting a lot colder and we might even have snow. Unfortunately, the bad weather can bring problems with your roof.

It’s not uncommon for your roof to leak in the autumn and winter months. It might have been damaged in the summer, but it took the wet weather for you to notice. There are 6 top reasons why you might end up with problems with your roof – we at Quotatis will tell you the likely causes here.

  1. Blocked guttering

Autumn leaves can easily get stuck in your guttering and block it, meaning that rainwater can’t funnel away from your home. The water will build up and eventually spill out, making it look like your roof is leaking.

The easiest solution to this problem is to get your gutters cleared. You should notice the difference straight away.

  1. Missing shingles or tiles

If you’ve had a storm or high winds recently, your leaking roof could be due to missing roof tiles. It will soon start to cause serious problems, so get in touch with a roofer as soon as possible to replace the missing tiles.

  1. Rotting fascias

Fascias are the things that hide behind your gutters. Sometimes they are made from wood, will rot eventually from rainwater.

It’s a good idea to get your fascias checked when you ask a contractor to inspect your guttering.

  1. Damaged flashing

Flashing is an important part of your roof which stops water from getting into your property. As the flashing gets older, it can corrode and oxidise since it is exposed to the elements all year round. This can make it weak as it gets older.

You might also notice that the flashing gets loose. This is usually due to the changes in humidity levels in the air, which causes the flashing to expand and contract as it gets hotter then colder.

  1. Leaking skylight

Have you had a loft conversion? If you have, you probably have skylights in your roof. If you’re noticing water leaking into the room, it could be your skylight.

The seal around the frame of your skylight can rot away, allowing water to get into your home. Also, you may notice that corroded flashing causes your skylight to leak.

  1. You’ve got an old roof

Homes nearly always outlive their roofs, so if your roof has been there for as long as you can remember, it could be time to replace it. If it is leaking and you know it’s old, it’s probably time to investigate whether you need to replace all or part of the roof.

Whether your leaking roof is caused by a simple issue such as your guttering or a more challenging problem like your roof tiles, a professional roofing company will be able to help you with your issue.

Make sure you always get a range of quotes from different contractors so you can compare prices and services, whether it’s online or a recommendation from a friend. You’ll ensure you get a high quality professional if you shop around before you decide.


Author Bio:

Emily Rivers is a writer for Quotatis and their network of over 300 sites. She specialises in home décor and ensuring that customers get the best deal they can on all their home improvements, whether it’s DIY or through a reputable tradesperson.


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