6 Backyard Accessories Your Neighbors Will Love

Last Updated on March 31, 2022 by Kravelv

Many homeowners are turning their backyards into places where they actually want their neighbors over. If you are considering making some major tweaks to your backyard, there are accessories available that can wow your future guests.

We present to you 5 backyard accessories your neighbor will love.

1. Floating Speakers

If you already have a pool, you may know that many pool owners have put expensive sound systems at different spots around the pool. That’s pretty cool, but maybe you don’t have the budget for that.

An alternative to this is floating speakers. You don’t even need a fancy stereo system for these. Using Bluetooth technology, you can send music from your iPhone or Android device directly to the floating speaker.

Imagine the surprise when your neighbor is floating in your pool and the music seems to be coming toward him or her.

2. Zip Line

How many people can say that they have a zip line in their backyard? If you have the space and the trees for this, a zip line can leave your neighbors stunned and thrilled.

You could be the envy of the neighborhood, making them either wanting to come over and ride it, or get one of their own.

Make sure you follow the product’s instructions carefully and observe any safety guidelines.

3. Reading Poolside Lounge Chair

This chair is designed for going to the beach, for people who would rather get some sun and read a good book. But the bright sun can strain your eyes.

To solve this problem, the reading poolside lounge chair has an opening where the head would normally rest. This allows you to turn over on your stomach, and read your book through the opening under the shade of the chair.

When your neighbor sees you reading in your new chair, they might want one for their own pool or ask to borrow it. Either way, it’s a sure attention-getter for a backyard accessory.

4. Solar Pool Heater

Most pools are installed without a heater, but you can heat yours – off the grid! A Solar Pool Heater can come in different types, like a 4-foot by 4-foot panel which can be tied into your pool pump on one end, and a garden hose at the opposite end, to a 4-foot by 20-foot panel system for above ground pools.

Very few people with pools actually have any ability to heat them. You could be the only one in your neighborhood to have a heated pool.

5. Inflatable Water Slide

If you have a big enough yard, but no pool, this could draw the neighbor kids to your house like flies to honey. They are relatively easy to set up, and the fun that kids will have can more than make up for the lack of a pool.

Be sure to follow the instructions, and since the slide is inflatable, make sure you observe safety guidelines, and minimize any puncture concerns.

6. Sunken Trampoline

Regularly sized trampolines are popular, but safety concerns are still at the forefront with their height and exposure to the springs around the perimeter. Anyone, especially a child, can get caught in the springs or accidentally fall off the edge.

The sunken trampoline is smaller, and it’s set in the ground, eliminating the height and the risk of injury. There is also a cover around the perimeter to protect against getting your foot caught between the springs.


We could have made this a much longer list. However, this list shows you a wide variety of backyard accessories that your neighbor will love – whether you have a pool or not. If nothing else, this list can inspire you to search for other ideas.

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