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5 Reasons Why Architects and Engineers Love Steel Right Now

There has been a huge shift in the way we construct homes, hotels, shopping centres, schools, and almost all other buildings imaginable. It’s because of the shift towards using steel as the primary material.

There must be a good reason why architects and engineers are so excited about it when they think of steel before anything else. It all comes down to the benefits it provides, so let’s look at why it’s making waves.

Great For The Environment

Have you seen all the cool steel homes they’re building at the moment? At least it means they might stop chopping down even more rainforests.

Destroying trees that provide us with oxygen isn’t the greatest idea in the world, especially when you can build a steel home with old cars. They’re rock solid and once the house is torn down it can be recycled in order to build new homes.

Only The Best Will Do

Anyone can throw a basic home together if they possess a small amount of skills, but try asking a random builder to construct a steel home and they’ll be left scratching their head for years.

When any building is constructed using steel you know there will be a specialist involved, and they’ll have lots of certifications they’ve worked hard for compared to the cowboys usually hired for jobs.

Your Home Will Be Durable

Once a fire has ravished a home you’ll see a pile of burning wood lying on the ground, but the frame of the house will be gone forever. In a steel home a fire won’t be able to cause nearly as much damage.

You also won’t need to suffer from termite infestations, which you can’t say about wooden homes just waiting to be eaten away. After the steel is in position it’s not going anywhere.

Steel Is Actually Very Versatile

You think of steel as an indestructible metal, but it’s actually a lot more versatile than bricks and wood. Have you ever seen someone bend wood into weird and wonderful shapes? If you were to cut bricks into different shapes it would take forever.

Steel will offer you the ability to design the shape of your home in the most wondrous ways possible if you have a good imagination.

You’ll Save Lots of Money

Some might think homes built with steel will be a lot more expensive, but the opposite is actually true. The biggest reason is the fact your home will last a lot longer, so you’ll not be constantly paying for repairs.

It’s also lighter
than its counterparts making it cheaper to deliver all the materials to their final destination. Projects will go from start to finish in less time too, so labour costs will drop dramatically.

It’s the Top Choice Right Now

There are a lot of new best practices coming out to help builders avoid injuries when working with steel. It’s also seen the industry grow in an upwards trajectory because of the steel required today compared to a few years ago. If you add these together with the benefits you’ll receive, it’s easy to see why steel is the top choice at this moment in time.

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