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5 Inspiring Interior Design Trends in 2019 You Will Fall in Love With

Interior design and fashion have one big thing in common: trends are always changing.

However, some interior trends can be timeless.

We want to help design your home in a way that will be relevant for many years to come.

Let’s look at five inspiring interior design trends 2019 that will help spruce up your interior and make you want to redecorate your home right away!

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#1 Tropical Living Coral

The color of the year for 2019 is Tropical Living Coral.

Although a vibrant tone, you do not have to step too far out of your comfort zone to incorporate this trendy colour into your interior.

Choose to make a statement by painting a wall or picking the tile to be coral while keeping the rest of the space in neutral.

You can also consider using Tropical Living Coral as an accent colour in an otherwise minimalist setting.

When making a statement with multiple colours, go with earthy and reddish tones or darker foundations of navy blue, black, and grey.

Take a look at our inspo board, perhaps this might inspire you!

#2 Minimalist Living is In

Living Coral might not be your thing. Let’s be honest, it might not be everyone’s favourite.

Don’t be discouraged because we still have a lot more to show you.

Minimalist living is an ancient practice.

For millennia, people have found it as a way to reduce stress, focus on what’s important, and appreciate what they have rather than what they want.

When choosing a minimalist living design, remember this mantra: less is more, clean décor.

Minimalist living rarely uses more than two colours and ensures everything in the room serves a purpose.

The minimalist lifestyle will not only help declutter your home but it will also contribute to lessening any unnecessary expenses and freeing your financial burdens.

A minimalist kitchen will encourage both you and your family create nutritious meals while spending more quality time together.

While a minimalist bedroom can offer many physical and mental health benefits including less dust, fewer allergens and a more peaceful resting environment.

More importantly, there will be much fewer things to clean!

#3 Mid Century Modern Renaissance

The mid-century modern renaissance is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Mid-century modern homes exploded onto the scene after World War II.

Their architectural durability has allowed mid-century modern homes to remain relevant through multiple generations.

The Mid-century modern style includes the following characteristics:

Mid-century modern design is streamlined and grounded in neutral tones. A mid-century modern colour palette can include sage, orange, brown, sunshine yellow, turquoise, and other primary colours.

In today’s use, mid-century modern style is commonly associated with furniture that is made of natural and sustainable wood, mixed with other materials like marble, metal, glass, vinyl, velvet, etc.

#4 Sustainable is the New Black

Speaking of sustainable wood, sustainability in it of itself is a trend worth considering.

This trend puts less focus on flashy aesthetics and more focused on the bones of the home.

Resourcing to sustainable materials means adding more quality and care into the place you call home.

When considering a sustainable interior, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

#5 The Green Obsessions

If accent furniture or abstract sculptures aren’t your cups of tea, we recommend filling your empty spaces with plants.

Not only that plants can produce natural oxygen source indoor but they also have many other health benefits:

For bedrooms, consider French Lavender to set the scene for relaxation.

Fill those empty living room spaces with fiddle leaf figs or rubber plant.

In low lit, humid spaces like your bathroom, go for tropical plants like ferns or plants with relaxing scents like eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary.

Your kitchen can especially benefit from a green thumb. Having a variety of herbs in the house means organic and home-grown while making your kitchen counter feel alive!

Even though we whittled down the interior design trends 2019 to five, we know how intimidating one can be. If you know the style you’re looking for, but lack the certitude to tackle the project on your own, consult a local interior designer.

When consulting with an expert interior designer, you can turn your home into a trending Pinterest board of beauty and sophistication.

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