5 Home Decoration Mistakes you should Avoid

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You think you know how to properly decorate your place, and that’s not disputed, but sometimes you just need to listen to some expert advice. And then, make sure your wishes go along with the suggestions of the pros. Professionals will know what is best for your space, and with your guidance, they will create a unique space. They will open a lot of designing doors for you. Some things you may have never heard of will become possible, because you learned about them. Having great designers is like having great teachers. You will learn a lot about design, you will get a beautiful home, and you will later be able to implement those same things they taught you. But what are some of the mistakes that designers say shouldn’t happen in your home? Read on to find out.

Too much Wallpaper

too much wall paper
Photo: room-ideas.com

You like wallpaper, and that’s alright, but have you thought about using less of them on your walls? Maybe not every wall should be in wallpaper. Designers think that sometimes the most effective thing you can do is to put wallpaper on just one wall instead of every wall in the room. Two different colors of the same wallpaper will bring life into your bedroom. The possibilities are great, you just need to turn on your imagination or let go and let the designers do their thing, but make sure you tell them what it is you want in your space.

Too many Things

too many things

Too much stuff in your apartment is never really good thing, except if you really like it. People often feel bad about throwing out a piece of their interior decor and then they buy more. This shouldn’t really be done, but it is difficult fighting against it. In the end, you should unburden the house, let the walls and the people inside breathe.

Impatient Shopping

furniture shopping

It will take years to equip your apartment or home. So, make peace with the fact that you can’t go shopping a few times and complete the decor of your home. You will need time for the creation of a complete decor.

Too Large Furniture

too large furniture
Photo: houzz.com

You have to be really careful when buying furniture. You can’t really put big couches or beds in small spaces. It is also very important to match the furniture with the colors of the walls, and the rest of the things in the home. This rule doesn’t stand if you like buying special pieces of furniture on auction, and if you like combining old with new. But, such spaces are quite rare, and if they are tastefully decorated, they are authentic, creative and beautiful.

Bad Lighting

home lighting
Photo: ozblinds.com.au

Bad lighting really does a number on your space. It will make the bad things look horrible, and it will make the good things look bad. And that doesn’t really sound that amusing, does it? Create a checklist of the essential things you have to have to have great lighting. Big windows, curtains, windows blinds, properly positioned artificial lighting, and more, is what you need to have good lighting in your home.

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