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5 Great Tips to Prevent Shower Drain Clogs

Who doesn’t love to have a calm shower? After a long tiring day and before the start of one all a person wishes for is to have that soothing effect of water on his skin. But what if the drain of the same shower is not well? The whole concept of peace will be destroyed as blockage is always the enemy of calm. You face a problem and wish to get out of it as soon as you can. You might have found this page as to the result of searching for a solution. You are no doubt at the right place. We are providing you with easy home remedies for clogged drains  which can make sure you face no trouble with your shower drain.

Easy Ones:

The first clogs are the one that is very near to the surface and can easily be taken out. All you need to do to get them out is to remove the stopper or unscrew it. When this is done remove the clog by means of your fingers. Make sure you have worn gloved before doing this. If this doesn’t work out and you feel as though the clog is deep somewhere or it is some hard substance and force shouldn’t be applied be sure to call a plumber and not go experimenting around.


Let’s take a rational DIY route. What is that? Everyone has a wire hanger back at his place. What you need to do is unwind it to form a single straight piece of wire. This can later be made into a hook at one end by the use of pliers. Next get this tool of yours inside the drain and get to the clog. Once you have reached the clog get it hooked and take the wire out. Your drain will then become clog-free.


Let’s provide you with the fastest way to get rid of the clog. There are chemicals available in stores which you can buy easily. After buying all you need to do is read the instructions carefully and follow them. Make sure you don’t miss anything as some chemicals can be very harmful to yourself. Also, don’t make a habit of using chemicals as they can also harm your pipes and the flooring in the bathrooms.

Baby Chemicals:

You were told about the harmful chemicals which can get you rid of the clog but might damage the things and your health in the process. This can be minimized by using natural compounds instead of these chemicals. The use of baking soda and vinegar will do the trick. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain and add a cup of vinegar. Make sure to put a stopper to let them two do their business. Meanwhile, put water on the stove to get it boiling. After half an hour removes the stopper and pours the boiling water. Most of the clog will be removed and the hairs are left, you can pick that up because they have come near the surface now.

Plumbers’ snake:

Worry not for it’s not a snake. It is an equipment easily available on hardware stores. All you need to do is put the wire, at one end of the handle, inside the drain and as soon as you face hindrance in proceeding use handles to twist is clockwise and take the wire out while rotating. The clog will come with it.

Along with these ways, there is a special way to go clog-free and that is to get shower gully installed. It is an item purchased one time and gives you a long rest and unclogged drain for a long time.

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