5 Common Heater Issues and Solutions for your home

Last Updated on March 29, 2022 by Kravelv

Along with air conditioning in the body, most households also have a heating system. Like all other appliances, the heater present in the house also needs to be repaired from time to time. Often, people tend to replace their heaters with new ones but in most cases, the problem can be solved at home with some easy repairing tricks. This saves money and also ensures that the messed up heaters do not become an inconvenience especially in winters.  There are some common heater issues that are faced by almost everyone at least once. The repairs along with these issues are mentioned below.

  1. Dirt in the Air Filters:

It is important to keep the filters in your heater clean. Sometimes, the debris and lint can collect on the filters and hinder the performance of the heater. Your heater will start to blow out cold air instead of hot one and this can become a problem in winters. To solve this issue, it is essential to clean the dirty filter every once in a while.

  1. Leaks in the Duct Work:

Often, there are leaks in the ductwork. This is not something that may be largely visible but it needs to be resolved to prevent any more damage. To find where the issue is, you need to slowly walk past the duck area to see if there are any areas from which air is blowing. You need to seal any ducts from where air in blowing out so that the whole unit can work properly.

  1. Issues with the Pilot Light:

Sometimes, you may face some issues regarding the pilot light. If the light is not working and you cannot turn on the pilot, you need to check if the gas is flowing to the pilot. If it still does not work, make sure that you contact a professional who can solve the issue for you. For a reliable experience, you can contact the professionals at Eastwood Air 311 Watson St Lodi, CA or contact them at 95240 (209) 712-3345, http://www.eastwoodairlodi.com/.

  1. Fuel Issues:

Often, the fuel issues cause hindrance to the working of the heating system. Your heater may work with fuel or electricity. If it is electric, check the plugs and see if the current is passing through. For a gas heater, check if the valve is in the on condition and also if the main supply line is connected to the heater.

  1. Uneven Heating:

It often happens so that the heater is heating the house unevenly and some places of the house are not being heated properly. To solve this issue, check the filters and see if there is a collection of debris on it. Get rid of the debris by cleaning the filter. If the problem is worse, replace the filter.

Most of these problems can be solved at home even without the assistance of a professional. Thus, you can be saved from the inconvenience of having to wait for someone to fix your heating.