5 Essential Interior Painting Tips

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One of the most efficient and easiest ways to freshen up your home is through interior painting. With the right choice of color, it gives life to an empty and dull place. However, this can be little tricky when you do not have any idea on what and what not to do when it comes to choosing the right paint that would perfectly match your home.  Whether you are living in a real estate Makati or any other properties in the Philippines, there is no reason for you not to achieve a desirable outcome.

It is a big no painting your home without even thinking if it is worth it or not. You need to know the basic painting tips to have the outcome that you want. There are certain things you must consider before you start painting.  Below, we list down the basic tips on how to achieve a pleasing look in your home.


Before anything else, buying the right paint color is a must! When choosing the paint, you do not just consider the color, but the overall quality of it such as the tint, shade, texture and other aspects that make up a good paint. Some colors do not match the surface of your wall. That means, you also have to choose colors that can cover your wall properly without any lumps and bumps. Moreover, knowing the square footage of the wall you are painting is a must, before you head to the store to ensure you will be getting the right amount of paint for your home.

Interior Painting Tips

If you or your family members have some health issues, do not purchase paints that have volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) that can release toxic gas into the air. You have to choose paint colors that are odorless and eco-friendly paint with low-VOCs or zero-VOCs.


No matter how good your paint is, it will still not stick very well to dirty walls. That means, before you start painting, you have to clean the walls with soap and water and rinse it with water once done, and let it dry overnight. Of course, it is not just applicable on walls. If you are planning to paint your ceiling, then make sure there will be no cobwebs and dust all over the surface. Aside from cleaning, you also have to cover all your furniture and move it a little bit to create enough working place.  However, do not cover the floor with plastic since it can be slippery. Instead, use a drop cloth or old sheets to protect your floor from splatters and drips.

Painting Ceilings

Painting your ceilings can be a little bit tricky, especially for high ceilings. When you start painting, be sure to use a thick-nap roller to ensure that you will get a full coverage over the bumps in the surface. Use scaffolding or a ladder to reach the ceiling. Moreover, you can also use a roller with a smooth or shorter nap to achieve a smooth drywall ceiling.

Time-Saving Options

Whether you like it or not, the corners of your wall or ceiling would take some of your time when painting. However, to save time, you can use an edger instead of the painter’s tape. You do not have to spend a lot of your time taping off the surface of each corner. Moreover, if you want to take a break from painting, make sure to cover rollers with plastic wrap so that you don’t have to clean them every time you stop. Moreover, consider skipping the paint trays. Instead, use a five-gallon bucket with a roller screen inside. It will save time from filling and refilling the bucket.


Using the right tools is one of the things that can help achieve the right outcome. Use a nylon-bristle brush for water-based paint and natural bristle for oil-based paint. Foam brushes are usually good for intricate work such as painting molding or winding casing. With the right roller or brush, you can create a good job when painting.

Interior Painting Tips1

Of course, do not forget to clean up after painting. You can use soap and water to clean the latex paint off the brush immediately. Also, use a solvent such as paint thinner for oil-based paints. Painting your walls or ceiling is not that hard as you think it is. For as long as you are careful enough to consider what is best for your home, then you are on the go.

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