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5 Bad Feng Shui House Features Homeowners Should Avoid

As we may know, Feng Shui brings good luck to our home. While many homeowners are now incorporating Feng Shui into their interior designs, others do not understand why they need to do and have such. Even a fortune teller in the Philippines would suggest that homeowners should drape their bedrooms and living rooms in Feng Shui goodness. If you want to have good luck, they recommend giving Feng Shui a shot.

However, Feng Shui would only take effect when done properly. That means, it’s not just about arranging your home the way you wanted it to be; there are certain things to consider to achieve the right energy you want to have in your home. To avoid bad luck, you should know these bad Feng Shui House Features below.

Direct Front Door – Back Door Alignment

Your front door is an essential element for Feng Shui. It is where the ‘chi’ or good energy comes in. That is why every homeowner should be mindful of their front door. However, a direct front door – back door alignment is a bad Feng Shui house feature. Just imagine water flowing into your space. You will notice that the water will rush fast through the two or more directly aligned doors without slowing down and nourishing the area. That means, the good Feng Shui energy coming through the main door will easily escape through your back door without even nourishing your home.

Staircase Facing Front Door

In Feng Shui, your front door is called “The Mouth of Chi” since it absorbs good energy. But when you have a staircase facing the front door, the good energy rushes up quickly to either the lower, or the higher floor leaving the living room, kitchen or the main floor without Feng Shui energy nourishment.

Bathroom Facing the Front Door

Never invest in a home with bathroom facing the front door. Your bathroom is also known to give good luck since it has water in it, which means wealth. However, if your bathroom is facing the main door, the good energy will easily escape through the bathroom, leaving little or no good Feng Shui energy to nourish your house. You do not want your wealth to leave your house, right?

Staircase in the Center of a Home

Regardless of how you design your staircase, never place it at the center of your home. In Feng Shui, a staircase in the center is a sign of bad luck since it unbalances the energy around the house. Consider renovating your staircase when you have it at the center for as not to divide the good energy.

Bathroom in the Center of a Home

Just like the stairs, bathroom that is situated at the center of the house is usually considered as a bad Feng Shui home Feature. In Feng Shui, the center of the house is the heart of the space – also called as the yin-yang point. That means you want to have it open, light and with a sense of beauty to it.

Everyone wants to have good luck in our lives. Right? These tips above may be a little bit tricky for some of you, but mind you, following the Feng Shui tips, will give you the vibe that you want for your home.

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