4 Ways to Prevent Bedbugs From Accompanying You Home

Last Updated on November 30, 2022 by Kravelv

Bedbugs get their name because they’re known for feeding on our blood whilst we are asleep on our beds. These pests are found anywhere humans dwell as they cannot live long without blood meals. Bedbugs, however, cannot travel long distances by themselves so it is unlikely for them to find their way home without any assistance. If you have come across bed bugs in your home, it’s vital you get in contact with a bed bug inspector in your area to eliminate further spreading, and to protect your family.

Dirty Laundry

Bedbugs are attracted to the smell of humans and dirty laundry reeks of the scent of humans. Leaving out dirty laundry will attract bedbugs. This is especially the case if you leave your dirty laundry out when you are visiting hotels. These bedbugs will nest in your clothes and will invade your home when you bring your clothes back home.

In order to prevent bedbugs from hopping onto your dirty laundry, you can wrap it up in a plastic bag. When you wrap your dirty laundry in a plastic bag the smell will be contained within the bag thus not leading bedbugs to your clothing. If you are traveling you can always ditch your clothes behind to make sure that bedbugs do not travel back with you.


The luggage that we carry with us whilst traveling is the most prone to carry bedbugs. This is because we tend to leave our suitcases in the cupboard next to the hotel’s beddings and pillows or on the hotel floor. These are two places where bedbugs reside and can easily hop onto your luggage.

In order to prevent this from happening to be sure to keep your luggage isolated from the belonging of the hotel. One way to achieve this is by placing your luggage on top of a chair or an empty table. This works because bedbugs do not have wings therefore they cannot fly and they are not able to jump high either.

Gym hygiene

We use our gym towels to wipe our sweat and our sweat contains pheromones that smell like us. This smell attracts bedbugs to your gym towels. We also keep our gym towels along with others and theirs might have bedbugs in them and therefore you are highly likely to get bedbugs from them.

You can prevent this from happening by washing your gym towel at the end of each work since detergents act as bedbug killers. To further bed bug proof your gym wear you can keep it isolated from the gym wear of your companions. This will ensure that bed bugs that may reside in their clothing won’t hop onto yours.


We often invite our friends and other family members over to our place and sometimes they might bring an uninvited guest with them (bedbugs). These bedbugs will then latch onto places that have come in contact with your guest. Be sure to treat these places after they’ve left.

Bedbugs are small pests that are hard to spot and in most cases, we are unaware of their presence. Bedbugs hide within crevices and the cracks in your floor or walls which make it harder for you to notice them, therefore, we do not practice any bed bug treatments. To ensure that you do not have a bedbug infestation you should have set barriers at all times.

Gypsum Bed Bug Spray by MDX Concepts

The Gypsum Bed Bug Spray is a non-toxic bed bug killer. This bed bug killer uses essential oils from plants that are known to repel and kill bed bugs. This is a non-toxic bed bug treatment therefore it is safe to use in the presence of kids and dogs. The way to use this product is by being sprayed in places where you suspect potential bed bug activity and this bed bug killer will go to work immediately. Due to its non-toxic nature, it is safe to spray your bed before sleeping.

If you ever feel like your bed bug treatments are not yielding any results, you can always call your local pest control. Since they are professionals in this field they will have bed bug prevention methods that are accessible only by them and they will be sure to rid you of your bed bug infestation.

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