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4 Top Tips for Successful Window Replacement

Investing in a window replacement, especially when you’re new to the upgrade, can be a bit daunting. It doesn’t have to be, however. This home improvement project, in fact, may prove to be easier than you expect. Just consider these handy tips to get started:

Select Window Styles that Match Your Home and Needs

Windows serve as an exterior design element so they should match perfectly with your home’s architecture and exterior color palette. They should also meet any specific needs your home may have. That’s why, when investing in window replacement, it pays to know all the options and relate them to your home’s functionality and visual appeal. Here are your leading window choices:

2. Choose the Right Framing Material

Your choice doesn’t just affect your new windows’ form and function–it also makes a huge difference to longevity and performance. Make sure to choose one that’s stable, durable and provides excellent insulation, like wood. You should also look for low maintenance requirements, such those offered by vinyl. Additionally, an ideal window frame should offer superior weather resistance and sleek good looks, like aluminum.

Fortunately, there’s a window framing material available that combines all these exceptional features into one. The top pick is composite Fibrex®️, exclusive to Renewal by Andersen®️ windows. It offers a host of benefits that make it a worthy choice.

3. Choose the Right Glass Option 

Window glass can have a hand in home energy efficiency and comfort. For this reason, you should consider getting ones with a low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coating. A prime example of this is the High-Performance™ Low-E4®️ SmartSun™ glass offered exclusively by Renewal by Andersen. It has a multi-pane design, comes with inert argon gas blend, and features stainless steel spacers.  These help the window reduce heat transfer in your home, allowing for better indoor comfort in any season, minus the high energy bills. Plus, this glass can block a significant amount of harmful UV light, preventing extensive sun damage to your interiors.

4. Hire a Reliable Window Replacement Contractor 

Your new windows have to be installed right to function well and to last longer. Only by working with a reliable contractor can you guarantee this. Your contractor needs to:

Making informed purchasing decisions around your window replacement is already half the battle. Working with a pro for the installation earns you the big win–reliable, long-lasting performance from your new windows and the healthy return on investment you expect.

5. Cleaning and Maintenance

One thing you shouldn’t forget when selecting replacement windows is the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning your windows after installation. The kind of material you choose has something to do with its cleaning and maintenance requirements. It’ll also determine the possible costs of ensuring that your windows remain functional and good-looking.

You’ll also want something that goes well with your window treatments. You can also make your own curtains or order something online such as DIY blinds from Shades by You. Either way, it’s best to choose materials that can easily blend with your style sense.

When replacing your windows, you want something that’s high-quality, easy to clean, and requires minimal maintenance. There are several options you can choose from such as aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass windows. These options have the following qualities:

Expect that materials like steel and wood will need a higher level of maintenance. Vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum, on the other hand, don’t warp or corrode. They also don’t need repainting, and they can be easily cleaned and maintained with wiping down dirt and dust.

Final Thoughts

Your windows do more than just let light inside your home. These also allow you to enjoy your view outside. If your old windows have served their time, it’s time to replace them with something new. To make finding window replacements easier, use the tips given above.


Author Bio:

Dawn Dewey is Marketing director for Renewal by Andersen, a premier window and door company serving New Mexico, San Diego, Tucson and Boise, and Dreamstyle Remodeling. One of Professional Remodeler magazine’s 40 Under 40 for 2015, she’s responsible for spreading Renewal by Andersen of Boise’s name far and wide. Catch her updates through the company blog! Aside from home improvement, Dawn is also passionate about animal welfare, the environment, and civil rights.


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