Window Replacement: What to Expect from a Professional Installer

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When you hire professional window installers, you expect them to do a good job. After all, as professionals, they aren’t just expected to know what they’re doing, but to be experts at the job as well. However, if you’re like most homeowners, you may not fully understand what a window installer actually does. So, how can you even tell if your installers are really doing a good job or are failing miserably at the task? Sadly, while most professionals are experts in their trade, it’s not uncommon to encounter those that only claim to be experts but really aren’t worth what you’re paying them for.

Here’s how you can differentiate the true professionals from the fakes.

The Makings of a Reliable Installation Crew

The secret to hiring a reliable window installer is to first do your research. Good window installation companies are typically those that have been around for quite some time — they’ll have gained enough exposure and tons of experience through the years that’ll practically ensure that everything’s done right.

Moreover, reliable installers will have been trained by the manufacturers themselves. Every product has certain specifications that need to be met, so it’s imperative that the installers have undergone the necessary training. Before you sign the installation contract, make sure that the installers can present proof that they’ve been trained to install the product you purchased.

It’s difficult to gauge the professionalism of a company when you haven’t seen how they work. By talking to their past clients, you should be able to get an idea if the contractor takes pride in developing good relationships with their clients and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Situations Professional Installers Can Handle

One way to distinguish a reliable installer is to learn about the problems they’re facing while on the job. Experienced installers have encountered almost any type of problem, so they won’t be fazed when something crops up.

Common problems installers face are variations in wall materials, different casings, and structural damage. Those that do not have sufficient experience may find it difficult to maneuver around those problems, but expert installers will know how to handle them the right way.

The Ideal Installation Process

Reliable window installers know the job like the back of their hands, so they aren’t worried about the installation itself. They, however, do not know you, which is why they’ll make extra effort to find out what your needs are and answer all of your questions. They’re after your total satisfaction, so expect them to pamper you in every way possible.

  1. Preparing the installation area.

Once they feel that you’re at ease with them and that they’ve gained your trust and confidence, and a contract has been signed, they’ll begin the job by preparing the area for installation. This includes cleaning the immediate surroundings and removing any objects that could possibly hamper their work.

  1. Cleaning and preparing the opening.

Once the area has been cleared of any material or objects not related to the work to be done, the installers will prepare the opening where the new window will go. This process will require them to remove the old window and inspect the wall for any structural damage. They’ll also fix any problems with the wall as necessary before moving on to the next step.

  1. Installing replacement windows.

Once all the problems have been fixed and the opening is ready to accept the new window, installation can begin. This process can take a bit of time because they might set up the new window temporarily, then remove it again – repeatedly – until they’re satisfied with the window’s fit and are happy to make the installation setup permanent.

  1. Insulating and sealing the frame.

It’s imperative that the new window does not have any leaks between the frame and the wall. To seal any problem areas, the window installer will apply insulation materials.

  1. Checking the work.

Once the new window has been installed, the installers will make sure that they’ve installed it correctly. They’ll double-, even triple-check the leveling of the window and they’ll make sure that it functions correctly.

  1. Cleaning up.

The difference between experienced installers and those relatively new to the industry is in the way they work. Experienced installers are careful not to make a mess out of the area they’re working in. They’ll be cleaning throughout the installation process, but they’ll also clean it up once again when the work is through.

Window Installation That Creates Peace of Mind   

Once the area has been cleaned and everything has been restored as it was before, your installers should take the time to demonstrate how the window works. They’ll also give you some maintenance tips, and they’ll make sure that you understand what the warranty covers. At this stage, make sure you find out what situations may void a warranty so you don’t make any mistakes.

Hiring professional window installers means peace of mind. You’ll not only be sure that the window was installed correctly. You’ll also be confident that should anything untoward happen to the product, they’ll be there to fix the problem when needed.


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