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4 Things you should know about Biometric Door Locks

A door lock is meant to keep those who should not have access to an area out, while allowing those who do to enter.  This could be at home or in a business, or lab.  However, the traditional method of using a key doesn’t really always work since they can be copied. The same unfortunately is true with electronic key cards.  So what’s the best solution when safety and security is a major concern?  The answer is a biometric door lock.

The Basics

While it may sound like a hi-tech name and these locks do use very sophisticated technology they are basically door locks which use a fingerprint scanner to allow or deny entry.  This is much more efficient than any other option on the market today, since everyone’s fingerprint is totally unique. For some this may sound very futuristic and is something they may have only seen in the movies or on TV.  However, nowadays with advances in technology they are widely available for everyone to use especially homeowners and usually at very competitive prices too.

Commercial And Business Use

If you are a business owner installing a biometric fingerprint door lock is a great way to ensure the safety of both your employees and the business itself both during working hours and at night.  Many business owners actually will use one a biometric front door lock in addition to one or more inside as well. These extra locks are often used to limit access to special room such as where the safe is kept or the owner/manager’s office for example.

Helping Families Stay Safe

When it comes to home use, fingerprint scanning technology can be really useful as well and many families are taking advantage of their benefits.  Lost house keys can be a constant problem with young children and an expensive one since sometimes it may mean having to replace your locks.  However, since a biometric home door lock can be remember multiple family members’ fingerprints keys are no longer necessary.  They also can just make things so much easier for busy moms and dads who are constantly on the go as even when holding a child in one arm you can easily press on the scanner with a finger from your other one.

Added Security

For extra security you may want to consider a deadbolt.  Deadbolts in general are known worldwide for their ability to stop intruders from being able to pry open doors.  A biometric deadbolt door lock comes in two varieties. The first is just a deadbolt that locks and unlocks via the fingerprint scanner and is installed separately above your existing lock on the door. The other type includes both a standard type lock along with a deadbolt as well.  Both varieties can be used for residential and commercial applications and are really the way to go when you want to guarantee safety.

Fortunately for today’s consumer the benefits of fingerprint technology can be enjoyed by all.  To help you decide on the best biometric door lock for your needs be sure you are clear on what your requirements are first along with how much security you want before you buy.   Say goodbye to your house or shop keys with this efficient and sleek looking alternative.

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