4 External Factors That Are Destroying Your Retractable Awnings

Last Updated on April 12, 2022 by Kravelv

Awnings are a versatile and economical option to complement the look of your home while protecting it from adverse weather conditions. There are different types of awnings available in the market such as retractable, fixed and portable. 

Retractable awnings are a popular choice for homeowners and commercial establishments due to easy operation and customizable features.

All equipment becomes vulnerable to wear and tear over time usually caused by external factors which can impact the durability of the product. If not kept in check, the equipment will not be in great working condition.

When retractable awnings are installed outside your home or office, they are in direct contact with external agents like rain, snow, mold, and sunlight. Let’s jump right into learning how to minimize the wear & tear of your retractable awning.


Awnings are well-equipped to protect your home from rain. However, faulty design or installation of the retractable awnings can capture the water instead of letting it slide off from the surface. This will put unnecessary stress on the frame and may lead to eventually breaking.

One way to minimize pressure on your awnings is to keep them closed during heavy rainfall. In the event, you forget to close the retractable awning, check for water build-up to make sure the awning is ok.


Snow is indeed a burden some of us have to deal with during winters. The excessive buildup of snow can cover the entire fabric of your awning and also push on its frame. Your awning might not withstand such loads and bend or break in the process.

We suggest clearing the snow from the frame regularly and the awning should not be used at all in heavy snowfall. 


Mold is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments called hyphae. It is by far the most powerful enemy to the fabric, which makes up most of your retractable awning. 

Wet and warm fabric encourages the buildup of mold and causes brown or green discolorations on the awning material. You can consult the manufacturer of your awning for expert advice and they will remove the mold using specific solvents.


The effects of sunlight on retractable awnings are not immediately visible. Over time, the awning starts to fade. But discoloration is not the main concern here.

Continuous exposure to higher temperatures will result in the melting of your awning’s materials and interfere with the working mechanism. Ultimately, you will have to replace the entire system. 

You will mostly face this problem with vertical drop awnings as they are exposed to sunlight directly.

There is no ideal solution to save the awnings from sunlight but pay attention to the materials used in its construction. Consult an expert to clarify these aspects before buying the equipment.

Basic Tips to Maintain Your Retractable Awnings

The factors mentioned above are external and can be controlled only to a certain extent Outlined below are some basic tips that will keep your retractable awnings in good shape and minimize the wear and tear to some degree. 


Use a soft bristle brush to clean your awning every week. The awning will be free from dust, dirt, and other particles that may have fallen on it.


Mix up a mild dish soap with regular dishwater and clean the awning using a brush. Remember to use eco-friendly detergents so that there are no adverse effects on the awning.

The frequency of washing should be twice a year and you will be amazed by the results.


As mentioned earlier, awnings can get wet due to rain or snow. One of the biggest mistakes that we make is not letting the awning dry completely. 

Water tends to accumulate in the folds and creases of a retractable awning. Water is not harmful to the fabric, but moisture might favor mold or mildew growth. 

If you are planning to take down an awning for storage, ensure that it is fully extended and has dried completely. 

The wear and tear of awnings cannot be entirely avoided but maintained properly with these tips the purchase of your awning will be worthwhile. If your retractable awning suffers a technical glitch, consult an expert and don’t try to fix it yourself. Now go and enjoy the breathtaking views from your home or office from the comfort under your retractable awning!

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