4 Spring-Summer Home Improvements You Might Want to Consider

Last Updated on February 2, 2022 by Kravelv

When it comes to home improvements, timing is essential. A lot of projects can only be completed at certain times of the year when the weather conditions and average temperatures are suitable. Now that we have winter out of the way, here are four spring to summer home improvements worth focusing on this year.

summer home

Changing the Floor Plan

The existing floor plan of an older home may have always been a bugbear. If a non-load-bearing wall or two is causing rooms to be smaller and less useful, it might be time to get something done about that. It’s always helpful to consult with a home designer, such as Architerra, to see if your plans make good sense or not. Making the best use of the available space in any major floor plan revision is significant enough to warrant getting a second option before knocking a wall through!

Lawncare and Garden Care

In the spring, it’s a great time to get into the backyard and see what needs to be done. Likely, the lawn needs aerating, and any weeds need removing too. It’s probably had a regular covering of frost over the winter, so it could be a little worse for wear. Tending to the plants, clearing away any debris, and ensuring they have space to grow is worthwhile. If they need fertilizer to enrich their soil, then do this too. Healthier plants will stand taller ready to soak in the sun on the coming sunnier days.  

Sort Out the Deck, Patio, and Barbeque

If the home has a deck, a patio, or a barbeque set up, take a look at them to see how they’ve faired after a cold winter. The deck will need clearing, cleaning, and a light inspection. Look at all the screws and connection points for rust, a missing connector, or a rusty bolt. Verify that none of the timber planks are loose because they could be a safety hazard later.

The patio probably could benefit from cleaning with a jet spray system to remove any debris, moss, or other elements that have gotten between the cracks. See if any patio stones have been accidentally broken and come up with a plan for those too.

Also, give the barbeque a quick once over to see if it’ll be usable in the summer. Confirm that all the parts and accessories are present, and none require replacing.

Refresh the Interior

Have a wander around the interior with a keen eye. Spot any areas that need touching up, fixing up, or something else. If you have an AC system, see if the filters need swapping out before it gets warmer. Ensure all water pipes aren’t leaking and the faucets are functioning as expected after the winter freeze. Also, consider if it’s time to give one or more rooms a new shade of paint. Something colorful and refreshing might be perfect.

Often, the best home improvements completed earlier in the year are ones you’d like to enjoy during the summertime. This should guide you on how to prioritize which ones to do first.

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