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Develop 15-Minute Cleaning Habits

It is an overstatement to say daily house cleaning is a drag. Well, it does not have to take up all of your time if you have developed some cleaning habits. When you say habit, you regularly follow an acquired behavioral pattern until it becomes an involuntary memory.

You need to develop a customary practice to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of house cleaning you need to do. Once the habit is formed, you do not have to do the dragging house chores constantly.

Develop these 15-minute cleaning habits to streamline your house chores.

1. Put Away Clothes

If you are used to throwing your clothes over a chair, doorknob, or worse on the floor, get over it. Whether you are undressing or piling newly laundered clothes, create a habit of always putting your clothes away. It does not mean you are putting away clothes in the closet. It also means putting them in the hamper. 

Put them in place to make your home look much tidier. 

2. Do One Load of Laundry A Day

Now, this habit may depend on the load you usually do per week. Thus, you might not have to do it every week. But, if you deal with at least seven loads of laundry per week, then it is right for you to follow this habit.

Do one load of laundry first in the morning or when you get home after work. It would be helpful if you have an automated washer. But, if you do not have yours yet at home, bring your laundry to the nearest laundromat every weekend.

3. Wipe Down Surfaces

Wipe down surfaces every day. It makes your house relatively clean and tidy— these little specks of dirt and hard-to-reach places to dust make up a huge time. But, if you eliminate this part of the deep cleaning routine, you tick off one of the most challenging parts.

4. Make Your Bed Every Time You Get Up

When getting up, immediately make your bed. If you make it wait, there’s a greater chance you will forget about it. Also, nothing makes your bedroom look neat than a made bed. 

5. Make a Routine Nightly Clean-Up

You can focus on the spaces that create the biggest clutter or do a “must-do” house chore. For example, let’s say you clean the kitchen sink and counter every night to ensure you launch the day with a clean kitchen. Do this nightly, and you will start and end the day with a tidy kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

Not all cleaning practices are made equal. These are only a few habits you can master and do within 15-minutes. If some of the cleaning habits you want to practice are not on the list, create the ones you would like to get done. Then, prioritize what needs to be done.
However, take note that these are regular cleaning habits. You also have to make deep cleaning habits. If deep house cleaning is too overwhelming for you, do not hesitate to call a maid service.

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