10 Features not to Forget When Building a House

Last Updated on July 5, 2022 by Kravelv

Having absolute necessities present inside your house is a good thing if you want to live a comfortable life for a long time. When you are building a custom house, you can add certain unique features to it. There have been many times where people decided to create a new custom home but forget to add different elements. Because of this, they had to demolish their houses again to rebuild them with those specific new sorts. And this rebuilding process can cost a lot of time and money.

If you are building a new house for your family and want to have certain features, both unique and functional, you need to keep a budget in your mind before you consider the various options. After you have set a financial plan, you then have to research what features you would like the constructor to add to your house project. This article will be helpful to you for not forgetting the special features while building your house.

1). Extra Electrical Outlets

As you are going to buy different appliances and products that require you to power them through an electrical outlet, you will need to install them beforehand. Consider adding extra outlets inside your bedrooms, inside the kitchen, in the garage, and in the bathroom. In this case, having more is better than having less. You will hate it when you need to power something, and all the electrical outlets are already in use of power existing appliances. So, it is a good idea to have a spare electrical outlet present in every part of your house. To achieve such a thing, you can ask your contractor to place wires accordingly, before cementing the walls. Project homes Sydney is a great source to accomplish such an entity.

2). Heating And Insulation

Having proper heating and insulation present inside your house will give you a considerable advantage in the winter. It will prevent the water lines from freezing up during the winter season. Also, consider insulating and heating your garage if you want your car to start on a cold, snowy morning. It is a must-have feature that you should not forget.

3).Water Heater

Just like heating your garage and other rooms during the winters, a water heater can be beneficial in the winter season. Nobody likes to wake up in the morning and take a cold shower in the freezing weather. So, to avoid this from happening, install a water heater that has a functional heating capacity. It will provide you with hot water for the whole year. There are many water heater available on the market that you can choose. These come in different shapes and sizes and with different water heating capacity. Choose an option this suitable for you and provides you with an ample amount of hot water.

4). Garage Floor Drain

A floor drain is a feature you need to consider installing inside your house. Floor drains allow you to clean any space with ease and comfort. The presence of a floor drain will let you get rid of water easier when compared to not having one. Installing a floor drain inside your garage is the best possible thing you can do. When you clean your car inside your garage regularly, water may get trapped, which results in it polling inside of it.

5). Heated Flooring

The Heated flooring is trendy in countries that experience constant cold temperatures. It can make a massive difference to your mood, especially when you have trouble getting out of bed and placing your feet on the cold floor. This feature is easy to install when your house is under construction. However, it can become challenging if you decide to add it afterward. You will have to break the whole floor and place heating pads and install an entire new flooring from scratch.


A mudroom is a small room near the entrance of your house, which allows you to change your clothes, store your footwear and jackets. By having such a room present, you will be able to stay organized and keep your house free of a mess at all times. Also, installing a sink inside such a room can be very beneficial as well.

7). Extra Wiring

Having some sort of extra wiring present along with your first wiring can save you a lot of headaches if the primary installation gets broken and stops working. This will come in handy when you install a certain new appliance, like a speaker system, and you do not want the wires to be visible. Also, it will save you money as you will not have to break down your walls to pass through new wires.

8). Backup Generator Pre-wiring

Getting your house pre-wired for your backup generator will allow you to hook it up when you decide to get one quickly. Also, a good practice would be to have a small space made of concrete slabs present to store your generator correctly. It is something that should be earlier, to avoid searching for free space after you have a fully developed house.

9). A Hidden Safe Compartment

A safe is a must-have feature if you plan on keeping cash and expensive jewelry inside your home. However, a standalone safe can still be visible to prying eyes and can easily be carried away by thieves. To avoid such thefts from happening, go for a safe that can embed into s secret space, you asked your contractor to develop beforehand. Not only will this safe be fireproof, but it will also be hidden from any prying eyes trying to steal from you.

10). Backwater Valves

Backwater valves ensure that sewer water does not get back up through your house’s drain pipes and pooling inside your basement or garage. It can be easy to install while your home is in construction, but a difficult thing to do afterward.

Final Words

There are many other features other than the ones mentioned above that you can include inside your house while it is in its development stages. However, there have been many times where people have forgotten about them, and they realized it when it was too late.

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