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Why You Have To Use Tow Behind Weed Sprayer?

Tow behind weed sprayer is a product that is made to protect the grass of gardens and yards from the unwanted weeds. It is consisted on a sprayer gun that is hot carry chemicals at a specific required rate along with this gun it also has an adjustable nozzle which is used to change the flow of liquid in preferred amount. The tow behind weed sprayers is particularly designed to focus on the fulfillment the needs of smaller gardens or landscaping. 

Properties Of The Tow Behind Weed Sprayer:

Advantages of Tow Behind Weed Sprayer:

Things You Have To Keep In Mind While Buying A Tow Behind Weed Sprayer:

Whenever you want to make a purchase of a tow behind weed sprayer, then there are a few components you must need to consider. At you can find best tow behind weed sprayer. Here below, we described these components in detail:

The Tank Of The Tow Behind Weed Sprayer:

There are two main components of the sprayer tank which you have to consider. The first things that how much liquid it can hold and what it is made from.

Tank Liquid Holding Capacity:

The liquid holding capacity of the tank can vary from a smaller 13 gallon tank to a 200 gallon tank. For most housing properties, you will be fine with almost a 15 gallon tank. Larger tanks, like 100 gallon pull behind sprayers, are meant for the use of commercial or industrial level.

Tank Material:

The material which is used to make your sprayer tank is very important to know about. Because when you make a plan to use your sprayer against pesticides or any type of weed killer then you need those materials which would not react with the chemicals in the solution. Most tanks are usually made from polyethylene, stainless steel and fiberglass.

Pressure Of Weed Sprayer:

The pressure of the sprayer is measured in PSI known as pounds per square inch. The pressure shows the working of the tow behind weed sprayer that how well your sprayer work. If you do not have enough pressure then you will not get the water or pesticides to go where you could do with them to go. You want a sprayer with a 70 PSI or higher to get the sufficient exposure.

Spray Width Of Weed Sprayer:

The spray width is the part of area that you are covering as when you spray. If the spray width is wider, then you can faster spray your place in some time. With the adjustable nozzles of weed sprayer, you can easily narrow or widen the spray width.

Different Types of Sprayer Nozzles:

There are many different types of lawn weed sprayer boom nozzles in the bazaar and you want the accurate style of sprayer nozzle to make sure you get enough coverage while you are spraying. There are also different types of agricultural spray nozzles and the chemicals they work best with. The chemical that you are using is depend on the working of the nozzle that with their product, including nozzles for Fungicides, Herbicides, Dicamba and Glyphosate.

Hitch Of Weed Sprayer:

The hitch is one of the thing that how you connect your ATV tow behind sprayer. Most units have a universal hitch that will work with any lawn tractor sprayer, but double check to make sure.

Tires Of Weed Sprayer:

You would not be towing your sprayer over smooth or paved road, but to a certain extent over a variety of territory. So for this, you will need good tires that provide better stability easier to tow.

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