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What You Need from a Roofer before the Start of Your Project

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Roof repairs and replacements help maintain the structural integrity of your roof and home, curb energy loss and increase your chances of selling your home at a good price. And it is your roofer’s job to see to it that all these goals are achieved.

To verify your roofer’s ability to provide good results, ask them for the following things before the start of the project:

Complete Credentials & Proof of Experience

Everything on Paper

Everything you and your roofer will agree upon must be clearly stated in the contract. Both parties should have the opportunity to review and sign it before the start of the project. Your contract should include:


These are just some of the things you need to bring up with your roofing contractor during consultation. You won’t need the finalized contract during this initial meeting; in fact, I strongly recommend against signing anything until you’ve had a chance to check and double-check all these details.

Use your initial consultation not only to ascertain whether or not the contractor is right for the job, but also to ask for advice on streamlining the process, maximizing your savings and getting the most out of the project.



Author Bio:

Bryan Karel is the general manager of Garlock-French Corporation, a company that has been serving the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area since 1932. As a professional roofer, Bryan is committed to providing quality customer service and to educating property owners about roofing and home improvement.


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