12 Ways to Transform Your Home to Make It Look More Expensive

Last Updated on February 20, 2023 by Kravelv

Great results do not directly equate to great cost when it comes to home improvement. You don’t need to spend much to add value to your home; whether you’re trying to make repairs to your house so you can sell it, or you simply want to upscale your living conditions.

luxurious living room
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With a few simple and inexpensive creative changes, you can instantly transform your home and give it a more expensive look. Plunge right in and start with these 12 ways to level up your homes into a more posh look:

Upgrade lighting fixtures with modern, stylish designs

The lighting is a good place to start if you have no notion of how to make your home look luxurious. Replace the dreadful boob lights and cheap lights with ones that better reflect your sense of style. Smart lights with many features are now available in the market.

Add a few statement pieces

The art and style of the home can be established through statement pieces. An armoire or antique chandelier can immediately add to the wow factor of your space. Visit thrift shops and flea markets to find affordable, fascinating items. Nowadays, the grand millennial style is popular, there are even more chances to breathe freshness into old furniture.

Paint with a neutral, sophisticated palette

When used properly, neutrals can be very efficient and they can make a space appear more sophisticated. Stick to neutrals for a sense of sophistication when you’re on a tight budget for things like drapes, furniture, area rugs, and paint colours.

Let your home decor elements show through colourful pop art and current trends. Altering such little touches later is considerably simpler than changing an entire room’s worth of big, dramatic, patterned furniture.

Refashion with high-quality window treatments

New window coverings, such as blinds, Roman shades, or curtains, can give a space an instant remodel. If you enjoy the minimalist design, install a good window trim and privacy shades. You can completely forgo window treatments. However, for a grander and more elevated look, you can opt to hang your drapery high and wide.

Use natural materials like metal, stone, and wood

Don’t hesitate to use natural materials when you have the chance. Choose authentic marble rather than laminate, or use hardwood flooring from Whitby in place of veneer.

Invest in modern hardware

It’s interesting how installing or replacing the hardware on plain cabinets can bring brilliance to the room. Try installing a new towel bar with matching handles for drawers and doors.

Give a simple dresser some intriguing drawer knobs. Replace the doorknobs all over the house with ones that have a retro or highly modern look. Those little details can greatly improve the look and feel of the area.

Install crown moulding

With moulding, you can modernize the appearance of your plain or boring walls. For a picture frame effect at a minimal cost, add narrow strips or crown moulding.

Utilize complementing area rugs

To define and highlight living areas, you can add rugs with the right size and colour for the area. It can feel out of proportion the moment you enter a room with a rug that is either too small or has a shape that doesn’t fit the floor area. While you don’t have to spend much, try to get rugs in colours that go well with your space or something that will hold up even under heavy foot traffic.

Try cheap landscaping designs

Organizing and designing your landscape doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a fresh and vibrant appearance. For an ever-blooming flower garden, perennials are a good investment.

There are various landscape lighting ideas in Oakville that you can choose from to fit the style of your property.

Incorporate interesting textures

A customized (and premium) aesthetic can be achieved in any area by applying diverse textures. Consider combining a wooden armchair with a rustic rug and metal accents. Or, to complete the effect, add some throw pillows with different textures like silk and velvet.

Creatively organize gallery walls

It’s so much fun to build vibrant, varied, or wacky gallery walls, but if you want to give the impression that something is “top-end,” limiting the diversity of colours, forms, and textures will help you do that.

Invest in cheap yet nice-looking frames, and use them to display postcards, cherished photos, your children’s artwork, or memorabilia from travel or famous people.

Install a new backsplash

Installing a new backsplash will freshen up the kitchen for a reasonable price. Consider using subway tiles, which are a cost-effective choice that never goes out of style. There are other quick, tool-free, and affordable options if a tile is too expensive or if you don’t feel nearly skilful enough to install tiles.

These 12 simple and inexpensive changes can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your home. With just a little effort, you can transform your home and make it look more expensive without breaking the bank.

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