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Different Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone into Your Home

Adding some natural stone to your home décor offers a rustic look, a little rugged feel, and some texture, and while at it your home looks ecofriendly. It provides your theme with a timeless feel and an elegant vibe to your space. So what are the Different Ways to Incorporate Natural Stone into Your Home.

Six different ways you can incorporate natural stone into your home

1. Have stone as the indoor flooring

We are used to having wood, carpet or tiles as our go-to option when flooring our homes. But how about getting out of this bubble and making use of some stone for your flooring. It gives your home that edgy look, and it is one of the easiest flooring options to maintain. To give your home a classic elegant look, consider getting some marble floors. You could also go for limestone or travertine. They come in different colours to ensure it complements the current theme of your home.

2. Have stone on your living room wall

Besides using stone on your living room floor, you could also use it on the wall. This will help in creating a focal point while pulling everything in the room together. If space is an issue in your place, consider getting a sleek-looking finish, it creates a timeless feel while not taking up too much space.

3. Stones for hand wash basins

Moving away from your living area, how about basin stones for your kitchen or bathroom. With such a simple addition to your bathrooms, you have elevated your décor look to sophistication. A black marble basin can add some life to your white themed bathroom, but you are not limited to this, get a colour that will speak to you and wow your guests at the same time.

4. At your entrance hallway

Are you wondering what to do with awkward space in your house? How about exploring the idea of using natural stone? Try and use two different stones, especially for your entrance walkway. Impress your guests from the entrance with beautiful polished marble floors and sandstone wall. The use of different textures in your walkway immediately makes it pop, giving it that elegant look.

5. Use it for wall claddings in the lounge area.

Slatestone or even sandstone are perfect for wall cladding. Having stone cladding in your lounge area will immediately give it some dimension to the space. To ensure this beautiful wall serves you longer ensure you have used a sealer coating on the surface to protect it from wear and tear. Like any other stone, you would like in your home; this can come in different colours to give your décor some depth.

6. Use natural stone as pavers.

Let’s step outside of your home for a minute; this also needs some attention. Natural stone can also be used in your home’s exterior, some stone pavers, or even planters at the front of your home instantly increases its appeal. And with pavers, there is an endless list of materials you could use that also come in different colours; allowing you to experiment and finding what works best for your home.

Natural stone is a unique feature you should add to your home, if your remodelling your home how about exploring this idea.

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