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7 Ways to Bring Natural Light into Your Home

You’ve probably read lots of tips from magazines or other sources on how to spruce up your home and boost its aesthetic appeal. But out of all the decorations and other items suggested, the best asset you can add to your space is more natural light. Sometimes, many people underestimate the impact brought by natural light that they focus more on buying more decorations than making the most of the sun shining outdoors.

But the thing is, natural light is one of the features most people look for when purchasing a home. And even if you’re not planning to sell your property in the future, letting natural light dominate your home is known to boost your mood, bring more positive vibes, and enhance your space’s overall ambiance and feel. So, instead of buying too many artificial lights, why not focus on increasing the natural light inside your home?

For your guide, here are seven surefire ways to bring more natural light to your living space and reap the perks that come with it:

1. Install More Windows

Look around and see how many windows you currently have. Perhaps you only have a few, or maybe most of them are way too small for the natural light to completely enter your home. To fix this, consider installing more windows to increase the natural light’s illumination.

Adding windows to the walls with no opening can make a huge difference to your home’s atmosphere. You may view source here or consult your local window manufacturing for more details on how much window installation may cost.

2. Replace Wall Space With Glass Blocks

If an entire window installation seems tedious, you may opt for a simple yet stylish option by replacing your wall space with glass blocks. Preferably, choose a wall space that’s located in the darkest room of your home. Glass-block windows are often less costly than the standard window installation.

They’re also thicker than regular windowpanes. Not only can they bring more natural light, but they can also provide better insulation, reducing your home’s energy costs. So, if you’re in for this retro style, you may contact your local window manufacturer and ask for glass-block window quotes.

3. Clean Your Windows Regularly

Even if you have lots of windows or glass blocks at home, the natural light will still have difficulty seeping through if your windows are covered with dirt and dust. So, if you want maximum sunlight to penetrate your space, remember to clean and wash your windows regularly.

Sometimes, people fail to clean their windows since the dirt isn’t always noticeable until you look at the cloth you used for cleaning covered in black or gray dirt. After you’ve wiped all your windows clean, you’ll notice a dramatic change to your home’s atmosphere and see how much light can illuminate your living space.

4. Add More Mirrors

Decorate your space with more mirrors or other reflective objects as these will help spread and bounce the natural light across the room, boosting its brightness and airiness. Moreover, hanging mirrors on the wall will also give the illusion that your space is bigger, further improving the brightness and spaciousness of the room.

Here are a few reflective items you can incorporate into your home to bring in more natural light:

These items will reflect the natural light around the house, brightening any space.

5. Choose Brighter Colors

Although using dark colors for your walls may seem stylish, the dark palette tends to absorb the light, dimming your space. Meanwhile, using lighter colors helps reflect and spread the light. They act as mirrors and help reflect the natural light around the room. So, if you’re up for a minor home improvement project, consider repainting your dark walls with lighter shades. 

You may also include the ceiling as painting it with lighter colors will make the room look and feel brighter and larger. To further boost the reflective properties of your paint color, you can use a satin or semi-gloss paint.

6. Use Lighter Window Treatments

Perhaps your windows are hidden away by those roman shades or brocade draperies. Unfortunately, these kinds of window treatments also barricade natural sunlight. So, take down those thick window treatments and switch them with those light and airy sheer draperies. This way, even if the drapes are down, the natural light can still easily seep through your windows and into your home.

If you want to maintain control of the light, you may also use blinds in case the sun gets too hot, and you need to minimize the heat.

7. Trim Trees And Shrubs Outdoors

If the trees and shrubs outside your house are completely blocking the sun, this may be a sign to cut or trim them down and work on your landscape. You must also get rid of any climbing vines that are blocking your doors and windows.

If you still wish to keep some plants outdoors, you may opt for perennials to maintain an unobstructed view from your door or window and let the natural light pour in.

Wrapping Up

Letting natural sunlight into your home can bring numerous benefits to your health, spirit, home aesthetic, and overall quality of life. So, try out any of these strategies and start bringing more natural light into your home.

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