7 TV Stand Ideas

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Last Updated on November 2, 2023 by Kravelv

Our TV stand décor ideas will assist you in easily integrating your TV into your chosen design plan. A TV, whether mounted on the wall or placed on a stand or cabinet, is an important piece of furniture that may assist to ground a living room while also allowing you to add personality to a space.

A television can have a significant influence on the style and layout of a media room, and while they are not the most visually attractive of items, essentially a large black box, boosting your selected TV with TV stand décor ideas will only help to make it look more beautiful and integrated with your interior design.

From ornate maximalism to minimal TV stand ideas, we have got you covered. Read on below for our top ideas for designing and decorating your TV stand.

Layer Your Décor

Establishing a feeling of rhythm is important for your TV stand decor ideas to seem elegantly balanced, and this can be done by designing your items at different levels and in groups of unequal numbers – investigate the rule of three for more inspiration.

Creating rhythm in interior design is all about creating a sense of movement and flow in a place, and it is a crucial design idea that keeps a room from looking flat and one-dimensional.

Get imaginative with your style ideas and order your decorations at various heights and levels when arranging a shelf or a surface such as a TV stand, as this will help to make your display appear more natural and real.

Treat your TV Like Art

Instead of hiding your television, why not celebrate it by making it one of the key focus points in a room? Frame it, and place it high up on a wall as a central feature.

An art TV, which allows you to watch your favorite movies, shows, artworks, and picture memories all in one location, might be a perfect complement to a gallery wall or placed like a painting on a wall above a fireplace.

Alternatively, conceal it beneath genuine artwork! When not in use, a sliding screen may not only provide a delightful element of surprise, but it can also conceal your TV and ugly gadgets and peripherals. A screen may also serve as a canvas for a one-of-a-kind, beautiful design, thereby disguising your TV as artwork but in a rather different way.

Try a Modular Design

A free-standing modular TV stand setup can act as a room divider in your apartment’s living room, providing a covert workspace – its open form allows light to flow freely through the area. The benefit of this sort of living room storage idea is that it provides a custom solution without the high cost of a custom design. This approach is also great for a more understated, clean design, with plenty of minimal TV stand ideas well suited to the modular style.

Because the furniture is modular, it can be changed to fit any situation and combined in a number of ways. Check that your room dividers are not likely to be pushed over, especially if children are present, and look for ones that can be linked to the ceiling for further stability.

Build your TV Stand Around Your Actual Usage

Most family living room concepts incorporate technology, from Wi-Fi connectivity to background music, and the trend is toward completely disguised solutions. Despite the fact that many current systems claim to be wireless, charging stations, routers, and aerials all require connections.

To keep things concealed, include specific areas for all of the media you use in your room, as well as small insets in the backs of shelves and cabinets to allow cables to pass behind fittings.

Allow enough space if you are installing a storage wall that includes a place for your living room TV in case you decide to upgrade to a larger model. If you leave too great a gap, your television will appear too small, though, so consider the future when you design this setup.

Simple Freestanding TV Stands for Small Spaces

Modern living necessitates that the family room of the home serves a variety of roles, from providing a place to relax and dine to functioning as an office area. As such, well-planned TV stand ideas are essential for a functional design.

If space is limited, use a stylish free-standing TV stand to guarantee this area satisfies all of your needs. Investing in the correct, slimline furniture will give the sense of extra space in a tiny living room – it can truly make a room feel bigger in seconds.

A freestanding TV stand is not only less expensive than a specially fitted one, but it is also a simple and cost-effective option to upgrade an existing one.

Go Bold with the Colors

A well-chosen color-clashing combination might result in a TV stand that actually sings with excitement. Because this is an area for both socialization and solitude, you want hues that excite as well as soothe you.

A TV stand surrounded by storage is a functional option that may be softened with books and cherished objects. Paint your living room bookshelf in a bold color to make it stand out rather than blend in.

Remember that the best TV and TV stand alternatives for your house are those that meet your specific needs and wants, so do not be swayed by the tastes of others.

What Can I Use Instead of a TV Stand?

If you do not want to invest in a typical TV stand, you have various choices. While a glass media stand is a low-cost and simple alternative, it will not add to the decor of a room.

Instead, there are a number of great choices that are worth spending on. For your bedroom TV ideas, we love the idea of repurposing an antique chest of drawers as a TV stand, or if your space is on the smaller side, a slimline console table can work well. Other space-saving alternatives include a bookcase, shelf, or solid bench.

A wall-mounted TV is ideal for a small living room or bedroom since it eliminates the need for a TV stand. However, as we have seen, there are many gorgeous consoles and media units to pick from that may serve as both stunning aesthetic highlights in a space and functional stands and display units. There are many various forms, sizes, and designs to pick from, ranging from custom shelving to thin sideboards.

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