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Try These 6 Design Hacks to Add a Rustic Appeal to Your Home

Interior design trends may come and go, but rustic-themed homes are here to stay, especially in Strathfield where the entire suburb represents what rustic really mean. If you’re looking to bring out the rugged, natural beauty of your space, you can get help from interior design specialists and painting contractors in Strathfield or try these low-cost design hacks:

Add a Farmhouse Accent to Your Walls

When changing the theme of your home, it’s good to start with the walls to set the overall mood of the space. Paint your walls to match your desired style. This way, your guests will instantly know what’s in store for them when they see hints of deep, warm red colours in your walls.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time or patience, you can leave the dirty work to painting services in Strathfield. These experts know how to bring out the beauty of your walls and even provide advice for maintenance. They can create the space that you’ve been dreaming about without requiring much input from your end.

Build a DIY Barn Door

A rustic home is not complete without a barn door that leads guests to the house’s focal point: the dining area or the living room. If you have spare pieces of wood from discarded furniture, you can quickly assemble a barn door. For a natural look, make sure to keep the original texture and colour instead of painting the entire material.

Display Wooden Planters

Nothing speaks rustic more than wooden trinkets, such as wooden planters. All you need are several slabs of wood, your favourite plants, flowers, or succulents, and your handyman tools. Carve out space in your wood slabs, fill the spaces with soil, arrange the foliage, and then display your planters wherever you want. Pretty planters are timeless centrepieces that will bring out the shabby chic appeal in your interiors.

Buy Vintage Cabinets

Rummage through antique shops or thrift stores to find the perfect kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Adding this furbishing can bring an antique aesthetic to your space effortlessly. If you can’t find a cabinet that completely matches your theme, you can always have one repainted to suit your distinctive taste.

Get Creative with Glass Jar and Bottles

Mason jars and glass bottles make pretty trinkets and are a low-cost way to add a vintage appeal to different parts of your home. You can create a DIY chandelier with old mason jars and use a spare slab of wood as a headboard. Put it in your dining room or kitchen for the perfect farmhouse setting.

Alternatively, you can use glass jars as candle holders to light up tables or dark corners. This also adds a therapeutic appeal to your home, especially if you use scented aromatherapy candles.

Let the Sunlight In

It has been said several times that natural light brings about many health benefits to humans. According to Forbes, natural sunlight helps our bodies relax, recover, and stay awake. It also helps synchronize our hormone cycles, increasing our energy levels and improving our metabolism, mood, sleep cycles, and overall well-being. You can even hire painting services in Strathfield to get the best paint colour that invites more sunlight in.

Wrap Up

You don’t need to spend a fortune or hire an interior designer to turn your house into a stunning rustic retreat. With several wooden slabs, a few upcycled materials, some creative ideas, and spare money, you can easily add unique farmhouse flair to the place you lovingly call home.

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