Top 5 Best Headphones for Watching TV at Home

Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Kravelv

Perhaps, the television is the most evolved appliance among your home electronics. There are dozens of different new models arriving annually, and before we even notice, many models are now obsolete or have been left out in terms of new features and other emerging technologies.

Due to this, television audio also evolves to keep up with these new changes, which is why headphones for watching TV also vary widely in terms of quality and pricing. Thus, choosing the best headphone model to meet your television audio needs poses a perplexing challenge. But don’t fret. Below, we have provided a list of our top 5 best headphones for your TV this 2016.

  1. Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear 926MHz Wireless RF Headphones

The Sennheiser brand has long been recognized for producing high quality products that delivers high performance musical audio. This one of the best headphones under 100 represents the company’s venture into improving the television sound. It has a convenient transmitter which can transmit sound signal through walls and ceilings, and it is also very functional even in an outdoor setting. Its on-ear, open back design helps promote the transmission of a dynamic and rich sound. Furthermore, its three preset EQ channels also adapt to the different dynamics of a multitude of video formats. The RS120 is also complete with 2 year warranty and sets the Sennheiser quality as the standard of what a television audio should be.


  1. Sony Long Range Wireless Stereo Headphones

Another top wireless headphone this 2016 which costs less than a hundred dollars, the Long Range Wireless Headphones is a must for every TV owner because of its handiness and good sound quality. Not to mention that most of its users are blissfully comfortable while wearing this accessory. It comes with powerful speakers that are made of PET (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) diaphragms drivers and neodymium magnets.

This intelligent combination guarantees that it will only produce incredibly clear sound output with nearly zero interference. In fact, the Long Range Wireless Stereo is well loved for its high tuning precision which makes any electromagnetic distortions go unnoticed by the human ears.


  1. Koss HB79 Wireless Stereophone System

The Koss HB79 headphones make use of the infrared technology to transmit a seamlessly clear sound signal across an enormous range of 250 square foot. The package itself contains a single channel stereophone, as well as an infrared transmitter that also functions as a charging cradle.

This innovation is almost compatible to many different home entertainment systems on the market. For an enhanced mobility, the volume control of this headphone is conveniently located at the side of the ear cup. For just an affordable price of more or less $45, the Koss HB79 practically delivers a high performing infrared technology for better quality of sound, plus the convenience of wireless mobility without going too far from your budget.


  1. RCA WHP141B 900 MHz Wireless Stereo Headphones

This very affordable unit has a 150 foot signal range which permits clear sound reception through walls, floors and ceilings. It has the so called patented PLL (Phase Lock Loop) which locks in sound signal for uninterrupted transmissions upon reception. The WHP141B features speakers using neodymium magnets and 40 mm drivers to ensure that users only get the highest quality of audio performance. Priced merely at $40, the RCA WHP141B has three equalizers preset channels for extreme adaptability especially to audio inconsistencies in different source recordings. This pair of headphones makes a great investment for wireless headphones.


  1. Sony MDR-DS6500 Wireless Headphones

With the MDR-DS6500, Sony has achieved producing a set of headphones which are capable of generating a three-dimensional kind of sound same as those produced by wired conventional headphones. This unit uses 40 mm drivers which delivers a fully detailed, clear signal with no virtual distortions.


With its 100 meter range and long playback time which extends up to 20 hours, this pair of headset is indeed so powerful and convenient with long staying power. Its four EQ channel presets allow compatibility and adjust sound from various video formats and sources. Although priced a little higher than the others, the MDR-DS6500 meets serious audiophile standards for TV sounds and is considered one of the best wireless headphones if you’d like to bring a different experience to TV watching.


Although there are lots of decent headphones out there in the market to use for watching television, these listed wireless headphones come with an infrared technology which makes it possible for you to watch and listen to your TV through your headphones without being bothered by wires, cables etc. We are also confident that the aforementioned list of headphones are cost effective and delivers an exceptional performance when used for watching TV.

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