The Top 4 Tile Patterns For A Stunning Home

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For any tile installation to look its best, it needs to use the right layout.  And that is of course one of the keys to having a home that shines above the rest.  Here are four of the top tile patterns you can use to help you meet even the highest of goals.

No Need To Get Fancy

Often times going with something simple is the best choice for your space and your budget.  For a layout that isn’t complicated and can be installed by a beginner you might want to consider the straight lay tile pattern.  This layout always tops the list for looks despite the fact that the tiles are simply set in a straight line and so that they are even with the ones on both sides of them.  If you are looking to save some money and do the job yourself using it could be a great way to go.

The Walls Will Never Look Better

The brick pattern is another classic that always looks trendy and never outdated.   It is popular for use on the floor but is much more commonly used on the wall.  It is one of the wall tile patterns that you will always see gracing the photos of pages in home design books and magazines and can make a gorgeous statement when used on a kitchen back splash.  Just like on a brick wall, the tiles are installed so that the tiles do not line up with each other. Instead, each one begins and the midway point of the one in the row before it.

brick pattern pic

High End All The Way

Many homeowners are more interested in complex tile patterns since they tend to look so elegant when used with the right materials.  One which is well-known for this is the herringbone.  Although it can be used on walls you normally see it used on very high end looking floors.  Its name really is a giveaway as to its appearance as when it is completed it really resembles the bones of a herring fish.  If you are considering this for your home you will want to have it installed by a professional unless you happen to be one yourself of course.

Fool The Eye

While some people already may be acquainted with the options above, one which you may not have heard of is the Versailles.  It is actually quite different too, as it does not look like an obvious pattern like most.  It is meant to look like tiles of different sizes and shapes are installed at random.  But since this is just about impossible to do without an end result that doesn’t impress anyone, the Versailles tile pattern uses a complicated layout with different ratios to ensure the project is always a success.  This one is another choice that for obvious reasons you’ll have to leave to the pro’s for the best results.

versailles tile pattern

When considering a home improvement project using tile these four options can all take yours to the next level.  And don’t forget that there are many materials, colors, and shapes to help these tile patterns look their best too!


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