Six Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Dehumidifier

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

A dehumidifier is a valuable addition to your home. It requires a huge investment of your money that you would never want to go to waste. So, you must know how to take care of it properly to get the most out of it. If you follow smart tips and tricks by the experts, you can improve the efficiency and performance level of your dehumidifier.

Here are six tips mentioned to help you get the most out of the dehumidifier.

dehumidifier with touch panel

Empty Collected Water

Every dehumidifier has a bucket that fills up with collected water. You should empty the bucket of your dehumidifier regularly if you want it to keep functioning. If you don’t do so, the system of the dehumidifier will shut down. So, make sure that you get rid of the water daily. You can also connect a hose or pump with the bucket to drain the water outside your home. This way, you won’t have to worry about the breakdown of the system due to the collected water.

Check Humidity

You should check the humidity and temperature level of your home before you finalize the dehumidifier for purchase. The humidity level of your home should be low if you want a standard dehumidifier to fit well in that environment. Otherwise, you might have to go for the advanced options of dehumidifiers with a higher capacity level. You can also get in touch with a specialist to check the humidity level.

Vacuuming & Cleaning

You should also vacuum clean the floor of your home. Otherwise, the dust particles or dirt will spread all around to cause a hurdle in the functioning of the dehumidifier. Also, if you have elders, children, pets, or special people in your home suffering from specific allergies, you should go for the dehumidifier that has a dust filter in it. You can also go for a basement dehumidifier. Moreover, you should clean the coils regularly for optimal performance.


The right placement of your dehumidifier is another important thing that can help improve its performance. It is better if you determine the size of the dehumidifier according to the space available in your home. Moreover, you should place it where it is needed the most. For instance, if the problem area in your home is your bathroom, you should place the dehumidifier there to dehumidify the air. It will help clean up the surrounding environment as well. Also, you should keep the dehumidifier away from open windows that can allow extra moisture to enter your home. It is even better to place the dehumidifier in the center of the room to absorb more moisture from the entire space.


You should know how to handle your dehumidifier in different weathers to make it work perfectly. For instance, if you are using a dehumidifier in the winter season, the machine might get damaged. So, you should know how to change the settings of your dehumidifier according to the change in the season. Similarly, when the temperature is higher in the summer season, you will have to change the settings to make the dehumidifier work. You can also get a guide about how to use a dehumidifier in different seasons from any authentic website like which has a vast variety of dehumidifiers.

Replace Filter

The filter of the dehumidifier collects mold, mildew, and dust particles over time. You must be conscious enough to clean the coils and replace the filter when it is needed. It will help get rid of the toxic materials from the surrounding area where the dehumidifier is placed. It is recommended by the experts that the filters should be cleaned or replaced every once or twice a year. You can use a sponge to scrub the surface of the filter. You can also get a completely new filter to improve the efficiency of the dehumidifier.