Studio Apartment Decor: A Pocket Guide

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Are you a fan of following the latest home decor trends and find fun in being creative to design your home according to your personal taste? But living in a studio apartment leaves you confused on the grounds of how to decorate a small space when home owners don’t permit you to make changes to the structure of the studio apartment.

Studio apartments may be small, but with sensible planning and correct décor strategy, you can transform the look of your studio apartment making it look more spacious, chic and trendy. This article will serve as a pocket guide to help you decorate your studio apartment and convert it into an elegant space in which you are going to enjoy spending most of your time.

Space is the major issue you are going to face while decorating the apartment. Therefore it is recommended that you use only those furniture items that cater your basic needs and discard all other furniture pieces. Also look at the size of the furniture i.e. instead of using giant size sofas go for ones that are space accommodating and give a spacious look. Similarly, choose side tables and lamps that work out together to give a refined look to your apartment.

Decorate the walls of the apartment with a single statement piece instead of using a large number of small wall hangings. Since space is limited too many articles on the wall will give a congested look and just add to the clutter of the space where as a single statement piece will look classy and uplift the vibe of your elegant space.

As there is just a single room in the studio apartment, you can use creative dividers which can help you to achieve isolation of bedroom space with the rest of the space. Choosing the best dividers totally depend on you as they provide you with the privacy you need to enjoy a sound sleep on the best memory foam mattress while the other part of the studio is being used for other activities. It is best to look out for dividers that can serve multi purposes. For example, choosing a divider that can also serve as a shelf will give you more space to display things. You can arrange your books, decoration pieces or your trophies, anything that you like.

Maintaining the décor of the apartment is more about having an uncluttered space as compared to the one packed with different articles. The best way to keep your apartment uncluttered is by assigning a proper place to each item so that once you are done using a particular item, it should be put back into its designated place. This will give a well maintained yet sophisticated and trendy look to your studio apartment.

Paint the walls of the apartment in the white or off-white shade. The best thing about white paint is that it gives a fresh start to your décor and make your apartment look larger. It also highlights the décor of your apartment and gives you complete liberty to throw in colors through the use of various accessories that add up to give an exquisite look to your space.


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