Six Temp Facilities Required on Construction Sites

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Home construction projects have soared to 88,445 in 2022 in Australia. The number was 56,060 in June 2020! With so many projects under construction, companies need to know how to take care of their employees and plan projects efficiently.

While planning a construction project, you have to keep track of different things. Firstly, you need to take precautionary measures to ensure the safety of every single individual who has to be at the construction site during the project.

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Then you need to ensure workers have the proper safety equipment.

Another important area you must focus on during the construction projects is temporary facilities. From washroom to dressing rooms, canteen to storage, you must ensure that everything is available at the construction site.

The availability of proper facilities at the construction site hugely impacts the project’s progress. It helps streamline all activities and ensures laborers and all staff members can give their best in the construction project.

Without further delay, let’s find out what temporary facilities you need on construction sites.

Site Office

The site office is one of the most important facilities you need at the construction site. You could consider the site office as the hub of any construction site. It holds special significance for any project because staff meetings are held here, and important briefings for daily tasks are given to the team here.

To build temporary facilities in Australia, including the site office, you must follow the Australian government’s policies related to construction. To set up a site office, you can consider portable shipping containers. Again, you need to look for shipping container offices for sale in your local market. Also, you have to analyze your budget and your construction site’s needs and decide accordingly.

You need to understand that your site office can impact the progress of your project. Your workers will have to report every day at the site office when they arrive at the site. It will also be the last place they will visit before leaving.

Also, you will discuss the task-related matters, schedule activities, and keep relevant documentation here. So, keeping all these factors in mind, the site office holds special significance at construction sites.

Changing Room and Lockers

As an employer, you are supposed to make your workers comfortable by taking good care of them during the project. You must provide separate lockers at a construction site where workers can keep their clothes or personal items. Also, ensure that lockers are secure and designed as per industry trends.

On the other hand, workers need changing rooms as they have to wear safety equipment and change clothes every day. It would be best to provide separate changing rooms to ensure privacy. You can consider smaller areas of your construction site and convert them into changing rooms.


Another primary facility that you need to provide at the construction site is the toilet. It is one of the basic facilities that you need to have at any workplace at any cost. You need to ensure that toilets are functional and connected to the water system.

You can use modular storage tanks as a built-in supply for toilets if there is no water supply near the construction site. Toilets should be cleaned regularly and have a proper ventilation system.

Along with toilets, you need to provide proper washing facilities to the workers. You must ensure the availability of items such as soaps, towels, and cleaning agents.

Different people will use toilets, so you should provide liquid soap to follow proper hygiene practices.


Another important requirement at the construction sites is barriers. It is one of the safety measures that you need to take. Construction work can be dangerous as it involves different machinery, equipment, and chemicals.

Firstly, you should only allow authorized people at the construction site. Then you need to place barriers in the right places to indicate that construction work is in progress. It will not only keep people safe at the construction site but also protect outsiders who are not part of the project.

Again, to install barriers, you need to follow the local regulations of your city or state. For example, if your construction work is going on in Brisbane, Australia, you need to take measures according to local laws. Remember that barriers should clearly indicate warning signs to ensure safety for everyone.


One of the most important facilities you need to provide your workers is a place where they can have meals. Construction work requires a lot of physical effort, so you need to ensure that workers have proper meals during lunch breaks. It can make a huge impact on the productivity of the workers.

Also, you can build a small area near the canteen where workers can take a quick nap after having lunch. It will help them refresh and gain energy to become active again.

You have to ensure that the canteen at the site has healthy foods and drinks and follow proper hygiene practices. As an employer, you are responsible for the health of workers, so you need to keep these factors in mind.

Storage Facility

Construction work involves a lot of tools, materials, and equipment, so you need a proper storage facility at the site. Having a storage facility can help keep your construction-related items safe at the end of every day.

You have to ensure that the storage facility is secure, so any trespasser or potential thief cannot have access to your valuables. By locking all relevant items in a secure place, you do not have to worry about the safety of your items. In this way, you can better focus on your work and ensure the smooth completion of the project.


Temporary facilities play a key role in the success of any construction project. From site office to storage facility, canteen to barriers, every facility has its own significance, so you cannot afford to ignore anyone. Also, while setting up temporary construction facilities, you must follow local state laws. Keeping all legal aspects in mind can help you ensure seamless construction project management without any trouble.

Hopefully, this article has given you a clear idea about the temporary facilities required at any construction site.

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