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4 Signs Your Roof Might Need Replacing

When’s the last time that you took a walk around the exterior perimeter of your home, paying close attention to the current state of your roof? For most homeowners this isn’t usually something they do until problems and issues with the roof arise. At that point, it may already be too late, and you may have more than just exterior damage; you could also be dealing with damage inside the home, such as water leaking.

So, rather than wait until this point, it’s always wise to stay on top of things and know the signs to watch for. Here we’ll take a look at the top four signs that your roof may need replacing.

Water Damage Inside the Home

One of the most obvious signs that your roof needs replacing is water damage inside the home. This is a sign you are no longer dealing with a minor problem, rather it has become fairly substantial. Water damage can appear as dark spots and staining on the ceiling, or actual water dripping in.

You can also feel it with your hand to see if it’s damp to the touch, which signals an active issue. Of course, active water leaks can prompt mould to grow.

Missing Tiles, Holes in Tiles, and Cracks in Tiles

Then there is the condition of the actual roof tiles, which may not be easily visible from ground level. If there are missing tiles or those with holes and cracks in them, then the roof has been compromised. You could be at risk of water damage since they are no longer performing at their peak level. Another problem with damaged tiles is that water can seep into them and settle, which can then lead to mould.

The Age of the Roof

For some homeowners, they may figure that since they don’t see any damage, and there is no water leaking in, then the roof must be fine. However, age can also be a determining factor. In general, a roof lasts 20-25 years, so any longer than that and you should be expecting that a replacement is necessary.

Paint Is Peeling Off the Roof Tiles

Paint peeling off of the tiles themselves is another red flag, and is about much more than just the aesthetics. Without the paint protecting the tile, it may not be able to perform as it’s meant to.

Why Is Replacing the Roof So Important Anyway?

Perhaps you see just minor issues with the roof and you’re busy thinking to yourself – what’s the big deal, why is replacement so important?

Lidoran, found at, is a commercial property roofing company, and they point out that a roof replacement is “vital to maintaining the integrity of the building as a whole”, which in this case would be your home. As these professionals point out, letting your roof degrade into a state of disrepair threatens the entire home, not just the roof.

At the end of the day it’s important to pay attention to the warning signs and know when the time has come to replace your roof.

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