8 Signs You Need Your Roof Serviced or Replaced

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When it comes to protecting your home, your roof plays the most important part. If your roof starts having problems, your whole home will be affected. If you’ve been lacking in your roofing maintenance or notice the temperature in your home won’t hold, it might be time to service your roof. Today, we’ll look at eight signs your roof needs serviced and what these signs could mean.

damaged roof tiles
Image by Peter Grubbert from Pixabay

Your roof is sagging

If you notice any section of your roof is sagging or hanging low, you should contact a roofing contractor immediately to repair this. This is a very bad sign and can lead to major problems later on. If your roof is sagging, this is probably due to trapped moisture inside.

You can usually spot sagging areas in a roof by looking at the lower part. Start by looking at the lowest points and then gradually look at higher areas to see if it sags or droops in any way. If this is the case, be sure to contact a professional right away.

Your roof is older than 15-20 years

The average lifespan of a roof is around 15-20 years. Even a well-maintained roof doesn’t usually last past the 20-year mark. If you have an older roof, you’ll want to look into replacing it. You should contact a roofing contractor who can assess your roof situation and determine how you should move forward.

In most cases, homeowners have their roof replaced before it reaches the 15-20 year mark. This can save you money on inevitable repairs that go along with an old roof. However, if you’re unsure how old your roof is, you’ll want to speak with a professional who can inspect the roof and let you know its status.

Your attic has light

If you go into your attic and notice it’s more lit up than usual, you may have a tear or a hole in your roof. Unless this were an intentional sunlight window, you’ve added in yourself, you’d want to contact a professional to check out your roof and repair the problems. But the visible light in your attic isn’t something to put off; you’ll want this fixed quickly.

This is no good whether you notice one beam or several beams of light flooding into your attic. If light can freely make its way into your attic, so can water. Fixing this could be as easy as replacing some shingles or replacing the plywood as it’s started to rot, allowing light in.

There are missing shingles

Missing shingles can be the result of many things. Here are some possible reasons they could go missing:

  • High winds
  • Intense storms
  • Animals could have taken them
  • Shingles can rot and fall off

These are just a few reasons why your roof is missing shingles, but the reason isn’t all that important. It happens. Shingles go missing; this is a very common occurrence. If you notice missing shingles, your roof will need to be repaired and reshingled in that area. In most cases, a roofing contractor will come out and inspect the missing shingles and then determine the best move forward.

Your shingles aren’t lying flat

You’ll want to call a professional if your shingles are fighting to curl, buckle, or blister. Shingles usually do this when there is damage to them, and they need to be repaired. If you notice your shingles are doing this, you can examine them for damage. Be sure to look for white spots or discoloration on all sides of the shingle.

You might notice cracks or tears in the shingles, which could lead to them not lying flat. There are many things that could cause your shingles to do this, so you’ll want to have your roof assessed and see what you should do next. Shingles can wear out over time, but this can also result from something worse. 

Green spots

Green spots can come from moss growing on your roof. This is the result of trapped moisture and should be taken care of immediately. You’ll want to act quickly once you notice this because it could mean that the moisture is leaking from your room into your attic or home.

If moss is growing on your roof, this could mean that this area wasn’t dry enough or didn’t receive enough sunlight for an extended period. This happens when a roof has trapped moisture inside. If left alone, your roof could rot and eventually need a total replacement.

You can guess whether or not your roof has started to rot by the number of green spots on it. A little green here and there isn’t necessarily a reason to panic. But if you notice large wide-spreading green spots, your roof may already have started rotting.

Your attic is damp and mildewy

If your attic has become damp and mildewy, it’s quite possible you have a leak somewhere, and water is getting into your attic. First, you’ll want to check your roof for damage and see if there are any holes, tears, or missing shingles. If you aren’t sure or can’t find the source of the leak, be sure to call a professional who can inspect your roof. You can track down the source of the leak from inside your attic by looking for stains on the ceiling or walls.

You’ll also want to check the windows for condensation. Condensation inside your attic comes from an internal leak that should be repaired immediately. If you aren’t able to find an external cause for your leaks, the damage could be more significant and hidden. But, again, this should only be handled by a professional.

Your energy bills are skyrocketing for no reason

If you notice your energy bills jumping for no reason, this could be due to your attic having a leak. If the attic leaks air, your air control systems will have to work harder to control your home’s temperature. This isn’t always noticeable at first, but the state of your roof can greatly impact your entire home.

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