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Three Signs it is Time to Upgrade Your Electric Panel

The electric panel in your Burnaby home is the device that regulates the electricity that enters and courses through your home. Also, note that your service panel houses the multiple circuit breakers that distribute electric power through your Burnaby home.

Is your home older than 20 years? If so, upgrading your service panel might be necessary. It is worth noting that older homes usually have electrical panels that range from about 60 amps to 100 amps. On the other hand, homes in Burnaby built within the past 20 years or so usually have an average of 200 amps. As a result, older electric panels in these homes will need to be upgraded to meet modern power demands.

The electrical panel in your home controls the electrical flow throughout your house. Note that flipping the breakers will shut off or turn on the electricity in various areas of the home. Note that although a panel of 100 amps was enough in the old days, these electric panels have now become increasingly strained. This is because modern homes have many more devices, such as electric ovens, running all at once. So, if your panel is marked as 100 amps, your home may need an upgrade to a 200 amp panel.

Also, keep in mind that a circuit breaker within the service panel may be tripped in order to stop the electric power from overloading the wiring if excess electricity is demanded on a specific circuit. Did you know that an overload like that may also result in a fire? Electric panels don’t last forever, and there are several reasons for an electric panel upgrade.

Old or Outdated Electric Panel

You should know that most electric panels are only designed to last around 25 years. Your electrical panel may also wear out. For example, rust is a clear and common indication that moisture has managed to get inside your electrical panel.  

And you know that electricity and water are a fatal combination. And the fact that there’s rust also means that your electric panel has been subjected to water.  

It is worth noting that rust may appear for other reasons as well, such as chipped paint, water leaks, or higher humidity levels. Here are some signs that your panel is old and may run the risk of a major failure:

It is best to call a professional electrician in Burnaby immediately if you suspect that your electric panel is about to fail.

Regular Panel Tripping

Does your electric panel trip often? Perhaps, it makes a strange crackling sound. If that is the case, it is a sign that your panel needs either replacement or repair. For example, you have installed a new air conditioning system in your home, and the circuit breakers trip every time you switch on your air conditioner.

So, what is the issue? Note that circuit breakers often trip and shut off electrical flow because an electric circuit is overloaded.

As a result, the system will likely trip when you plug a lot of appliances and devices into a circuit that requires more electricity than your circuit can reasonably accommodate. Keep in mind that tripping is one of the safety measures to prevent electric wires from overheating. This might mean that just the circuit breaker has to be replaced and not your whole panel.

Sparks or Burning Odors 

While an occasional spark is not unusual or something to worry about, large or frequent sparks may indicate a faulty circuit or deteriorated wiring. Did you know that when your service box has a poor or defective connection, there’s a generation of high wattage, usually in a small area? And if the heat rises, you might be able to smell burning odors.

You should also pay close attention to discolored or warm outlets in your home. Whether the cause is an overloaded electric circuit or faulty wiring, you should talk to an electrician in Burnaby about these issues.

Why Work with an Electrician in Burnaby

There is no doubt that upgrading your electrical panel can seem like an overwhelming and challenging task; however, it is best to make sure that your system can safely and adequately support everyday electrical devices and appliances. If you work with our company, you will be 100% positive that the technician will fix your electric panel issues safely and correctly, which will help avoid problems and issues in the future.

It is crucial that you work with a trained and qualified electrician in Burnaby. This is because panel replacement means a number of different people will be involved, and you will need to be without power while the work is being performed.

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