The Earliest Indicators of a Bad AC Filter

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Kravelv

Your air conditioner filter has probably seen some bizarre things – from pet hair and allergens to pollen and even faecal matter – the elements gradually pile up before taking a toll on the humble filter.

This little cardboard frame keeps your air conditioner at peak efficiency and keeps your energy bill down. But like all things in life, the air filter has an expiration date. As it ages, it will give you warning signs that it’s about to kick the bucket.

Air conditioner working as it should

What Does an Air Filter Do?

Air filters are typically fashioned out of spun fibreglass and clean the air circulating through your air conditioner by trapping contaminants such as spores, hair, and dust. Over time, the filter accumulates so many dust particles that it can no longer do its job. There may even come a point where the filter acts as a source of contaminants.

At this point, your air conditioner will have lower efficiency and will consume about 15 percent more energy than it would typically use up if the filter were clean.

You should regularly maintain the air filter in your HVAC systems to prevent indoor air quality issues.

Signs It’s Time to Change Your Filter

As a general rule, you should make an effort to replace your air filter once every two months to maximize operational efficiency. Below are a few red flags that it’s time to do it sooner than later.

You Can See Dust Near Your Air Vents

If the air filter gets clogged, it will begin to release dust and contaminants into the air conditioner, which can make its way through the vents. Dust around the vents isn’t always an indication of bad filters; it may also be a sign of clogged ducts. But if you are noticing this problem, the first place to check would be your filters.

Your Energy Bills Started Spiking for no Reason

If you’ve noticed a massive surge in your energy bills out of the blue, then there is a very high likelihood that your air conditioner or HVAC unit is consuming more energy than it should. A clogged air filter can make it difficult for your air conditioner to maintain the desired temperature in your room. If the bill increases and you have no clue why, check to see if your air filter is to blame.

Your Air Filter Looks Damaged

A quick look at the air filter may be an obvious giveaway that you need to find a new one (or at least clean it out). Dirty and compromised air filters are also known to have holes in them – this probably means you should replace them right away.

Your Allergies Have Been Getting Worse

If your allergies have begun to flare up more than usual, then you probably have poor air quality circulating in your room. Part of the blame is shared with an unclean air conditioner filter, which may contribute to air pollution and release dust full of allergens.

Time to Change Your Air Conditioner

You could change your air conditioner filter on your own. But if you’re too busy or don’t know how to, you can always find a trustworthy and reliable air conditioner company in Brisbane. Click here to find out how Sun City Air can help repair your air filter and a host of other problems.